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1. Flaming - The act of insulting something or someone. This include insulting other gaming systems. This will not be tolerated. 2. Memberating - You are not the moderator. Do not act as a moderator or try to perform his/her's work. This also includes requesting closure and ordering people around. Everyone hates it if there is an boss who is ordering over you when he/she is not the Moderator. (Of course this rule dont count for Moderators) 3. Advertising - Don't advertise other websites in your posts. If you wish to advertise, use your signature. 4. Warez, Roms, CD Keys, Emulators ETC - Do not attempt to distribute or discuss Warez, ROMs, CD keys, CD key generators, cracks or any other illegal software or counterfeit merchandise. This includes the provision of links to source websites and/or file transfer software or download locations for the obtaining of this material. Mar CIANO recommends that you buy all your software legally! No copying! 5. Stay on topic - Don't post off topic!! Keep your posts related to the Forums. 6. Dodging Bans - If you are banned, you are banned. Do not create another account or post as a guest. We know who you are via your IP adress and we can ban you or even delete your account when it´s necessary. 7. Don't bump up old threads - If you're browsing through the forum's history, we don't make a sense, but please don't bump up old threads if you have nothing to add to the discussion. Chances are little that people will reply to them. Just make another topic by yourself if you really want to know about it. Or if you really think you have to add something, then do and the moderators will decide. 8. Pointless Posting - Don't post things that get a conversation nowhere. Like: "I like that move too!" or " :D " This rule falls under spamming. If you want to post a smile, use it then with "style". Another example would be posting in a help thread when the question is already answered. 9. Double posting - Double Post IS Allowed, but double post only when it's needed. If you haven´t got something to add to the discussion then don't double post. Be patient if you haven't got you answer yet. This falls under Spam. 10. Duplicating - Don´t duplicate posts or threads, this falls under spam and double post. It can happen once accidently, but keep doing it falls under spam. 11. Boasting - Nobody likes to see it. Don't brag about how good you are in things.