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Post  Princess Midna on Tue Oct 09, 2007 5:18 pm

i'm young , might not be the most awesome story ever so nothing mean pwetty pwease Smile i might make more if people like it, oh and its short, i know that, ya

Thunder rattled the castle from outside. Little thuds were heard from inside from the harsh rain. The princess was asleep and knowing nothing was wrong. Outside, there was a shriek, an screech of pain and terror. Zelda stirred but did not awake from slumber. The smell of fresh blood was outside the castle. The main doors of the castle opened allowing all wind, rain, and ice to be inside....and any intruder.
Someone unwelcome entered the castle searching it with keen eyes.
All servants and maids tried to flee but ended up with an arrow in their back.
Fresh blood flowed through the floors of Hyrule Castle. It was enough to stain them.
A footstep tainted the blood with pure darkness. The intruder headed for where the princess was. Sword in hand. Splashes and thuds all at once. Zelda rolled over trying to block all sound from entering her head. She awoke. Zelda heard no sound anymore but the moans and groans of pain coming from her injured servants and gaurds. She contacted the light spirits that were meant to protect the land. She heard their faint cries but heard,

''Someone you knew best...will betray you tonight....flee at once!'' Zelda stood there...stunned by what she heard and started heading down the stairs.
A volley of arrows were shot at her and flew down quickly but Zelda reacted quick.

''Nayru's love!'' She shouted, incasing herself in a crystal protecting her from the arrows. She looked around and spotted a shadow. She could see pure darkness coming from the shadow...but saw sapphire eyes she once remembered.

''Who are you?!'' She snapped at her foe.

''Your time is up, you will no longer be in charge of Hyrule.'' said the voice but with a menacing cackle at the end. The intruder raised his bow and shot an fire arrow. Zelda's spell faltered. The intruder raised his sword high and proud. Zelda aimed to shoot a light arrow but was too late. The criminal had stabbed Hyrule's favorite source of light and wisdom.

Zelda stood still....her triforce fading. She let forth a small smile and murmured,
''Din's Fire!''
The castle was incased in flames and in other parts of it, explosions. The foe had escaped and stood at the tallest point of Hyrule Castle, holding Zelda's wrist and held her high, showing all what he had done to the land's favorite princess. He held the triforce of wisdom on his left hand. Gasps and curses from the villagers down below were shot at him.
''Give our princess back! Give her what belongs to her!'' shouted a villager.
'' You want her back? Take her!'' The criminal flung the princess off the castle.

The goddesses watched this cruel act.
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Post  Quill9 on Wed Oct 10, 2007 10:03 pm

i like thaT more please
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