Marios Final Powerups Revealed! :)

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Marios Final Powerups Revealed! :) Empty Marios Final Powerups Revealed! :)

Post  Kazooieman on Fri Oct 12, 2007 11:36 am


Mario's final four power-ups in Super Mario Galaxy were revealed today. But first, let's go over the first two. We've already seen Mario flying around in his Bee Costume. We've also seen him floating around as a Boo-like ghost. But now, Mario could turn into a spring.

That's right, by obtaining a certain power-up, Mario will transform into a bouncy spring that will allow him to jump higher then he's ever jumped before. Many of you will be happy about this next power-up, it's called Fire Mario. For the first time in 3D, Mario will be able to shoot balls of fire simply by flicking the Wii Remote in a certain direction.

The next power-up, tentatively titled Ice Mario, allows Mario to run on water, turning his path into ice. Finally, the last power-up is the Invincibility Star, except it's not shaped as a star anymore. Either way, it still grants Mario the power to run through enemies, killing them along the way.

The video is here! :
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