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Post  Captain_Conker06 on Mon Oct 22, 2007 2:37 am

Intro to the madness

A medium-sized white plane with a broad blue stripe on it is flying over the ocean. On the inside, the smashers are seated around the plane. There are seven rows, and an A and B section with the walkway being between the seats and row A being on the left side facing if you were facing the front of the plane. The seats were arranged.

Ron Host then comes in to the walkway through the door to the cockpit Instead of his usual outfit, he is wearing sandals, beige hiking shorts with lots of pockets, a light blue button-up jacket, shades, and lots of sunscreen on his nose. Oddly enough he was still wearing a tropical themed tie around his neck. “Hello smashers, or should I say victims?” Ron wondered. “Oh well, anyways, I’m here to explain how the game is going to work this time around.” Ron said. “First of all, as explained last story, each tribal council you survive will net you $5,000 dollars.” Ron said.

“YES!!!” Wario cheered.

“But you forget, that money goes only toward rebuilding smash mansion.” Ron added.

“NOOOOOOO!!!” Wario shouted.

“Idiot…” Snake said under his breath.

“Secondly, when you get voted off, you will have to do manual labor to rebuild the mansion.” Ron said. “However the longer the last, the less you’ll have to do since you raised some money to help rebuild the mansion.” Ron finished. “Third thing you need to know that I neglected to mention last time, if you win and become the ultimate survivor, you will be allowed to keep the $1,000,000 dollar grand-prize to yourself for your personal use!” Ron said.

“Mama-mia! Really?” Mario asked.

“WAH HA HA HA HA! VICTORY IS MINE!” Wario shouted.

“I’m going to have to win for sure now.” C. Falcon said.

“I wouldn’t get cocky.” Snake said.

“Ah-hem.” Ron interrupted the chit-chat. “Fourth of all, don’t forget, this time around you won’t be voting each other out.” Ron Host said. “This time around, the message board goers of gamefaqs will be voting you off however they please. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Ron laughed maniacally as thunder boomed in the distance.

“Mama-mia…” Luigi moaned.

“Fifth of all, the immunity challenges will take place every three days. The tribe that wins will receive the immunity trophy.” Ron Host holds up a trophy made from an ivory tusk. “Sixth of all, your tools have all been removed, you’ll have to all rely on your natural abilities.” Ron said. “And now to break you up in to tribes.” Ron Host said.

“Are we going to like this part?” Pit asked.

“Probably not.” Ron said.

Haron Tribe: Mario, Popo, Nana, Roy, Bowser, Young Link, Pikachu, Yoshi, Pit, Fox, Samus, Ness, MetaKnight, Pichu

Ris Tribe: Wario, Mewtwo, Solid Snake, DK, Ganondorf, Link, Zelda, Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff, Kirby, Marth, Peach, Falco and Luigi.

“And there you have the tribes for this game.” Ron said. “After fourteen characters have been eliminated, we will have the tribes merge and we will from then on hold individual immunity challenges.” Ron Host explained. “Before we arrive, let’s get some comments from the competitors.” Ron said. “And in the interest of understanding, the characters that speak little to no English will be translated when they are speaking to the camera.” Ron explained.

Mario, speaking to the camera, “Well, I’ve-a been in-a the game-a before. All I can-a do is-a hope for-a the best-a as I play-a my hardest-a.” Mario said.

Popo and Nana, both speaking to the camera, “I hope that we don’t get separated anytime soon.” Nana said.

“Yeah we wouldn’t want a repeat of the last time.” Popo finished.

Roy, speaking to the camera, “Augh… they took my sword… oh well, I still have the genes of dragons in me and I will win for sure!” Roy said excitedly.

Bowser, to the camera, “Good grief, I just know the author’s going to beat me up in this story. Oh well, I won’t let that stop me! The King of Koopas! Gwa ha ha ha ha!” It is at that time that Bowser feels an electric shock course through his body. “Gwaaaa! Huh? Is there a buzzer or something in this seat?” Bowser asked. The camera nods. “Hey! That’s not fair! Ouch!” He got zapped again.

Y. Link, to the camera, “Man… I got separated from older me, and Zelda, is the author doing this on purpose?” Y. Link asked.

Pikachu, to the camera, “I won a scooter last time! This time I can win the grand prize! I will win!”

Yoshi, to the camera, “I must win! I must spend the prize on food!”

Pit, to the camera, “This is the first time I’ve been in this game. Wow… I’m excited. I’ll pray to Palutena that I go as far as I can and learn as much as I can.” Pit said.

Fox, to the camera, “I’m honestly surprised that they separated me and C. Falcon after the chaos we caused last time. I was sure the author would want us to wreak havoc.”

Samus, to the camera, “I hope I don’t have to break up the fights all the time again.” Samus sighed.

Ness, to the camera, “I was kind of hoping to be in the same tribe as Luigi, he had a very entertaining mind to read last time.”

Meta-Knight, to the camera, “I just know that they kept me out of the same tribe as Kirby so that I wouldn’t be able to stop his eating. Oy…”

Pichu, to the camera, “Yes! I’m in the same tribe as Pikachu! Yes yes yes!”

Wario, to the camera, “Wah ha ha ha ha! The only reason a wimp like Luigi won last time was that I wasn’t even in the game, but now the prize is as good as mine! Wah ha ha ha ha ha!

Mewtwo, to the camera, “I am paired, with idiots…” Mewtwo growled.

Snake, to the camera, “Great, most of this tribe is going to drive me insane…” Snake complained.

DK, to the camera, “I grew up in the wild! I know I can survive!” DK said.

Ganondorf, to the camera, “Hmmmm… if I’m in the same tribe as Link, that means I have a chance… TO DESTROY HIM!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!” Then a needle gets injected in to Ganondorf’s arm and he falls asleep.

Link, to the camera, “Ganondorf… was awfully loud about his intentions…”

Zelda, to the camera, “Well, let’s see… Peach, myself, Mewtwo, Snake, uh… maybe Luigi and Marth… well as long as some people are sane in this tribe it should be alright.” Zelda sighed.

C. Falcon, to the camera, “Alright! Last time I was ousted because of Fox, but this time I can go all the way baby! Show me your moves!”

Jigglypuff, to the camera, “I’ll start singing to pass the time!” Jigglypuff took a deep breath, but Meta-Knight quickly taped her mouth shut.

Kirby, to the camera, “I’m hungry… must eat food…”

Marth, to the camera, “I must keep a level head about this. This is going to be a long and arduous game.”

Peach, to the camera, “Well, at least this time I won’t be the only one looking over the tribe.”

Falco, to the camera, “I didn’t play this last time! But now… I will take the grand prize! Oh yeah! Nothing can stop me now!”

Luigi, to the camera, “Mama-miaaaaa… why-a do they always separate-a me and-a Mario? Ooooooohhhhhh…” Luigi groaned.

“Well there you have it folks.” Ron Host said.

The island he was referring to was quite large, it had a volcano roughly near the center surrounded by thick jungle, and the perimeter of the island had sandy beaches and one beach mostly consisted of rocks.

“Say where are we landing?” Link asked as he looked down to find no air-strip.

“Who said anything about landing?” Ron asked.

“Huh?” Luigi managed to utter out with a shocked look on his face, everyone else was also giving the same look except for Ganondorf, Mewtwo, and Snake. Ganondorf since he was out cold and Snake and Mewtwo just weren’t interested.

“Where’d it go?” Ron asked quietly looking for something around him. “Oh here it is!” Ron pushed a button on the wall. Immediately, the floor beneath all the smashers’ seats opened up and all the seats fell through.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Everyone except for Ganondorf, Mewtwo, and Snake screamed. Ganondorf was still out cold and Snake and Mewtwo once again didn’t care. The seats then fell several miles down below.

“Good luck guys!!!” Ron shouted.


I’m still sitting in the fold-up chair from earlier and Ron walks in through the door and takes the other chair. “So… how’d I do?” Ron asked as he reached for the other coconut cup.

“Eh… not bad I guess…” I say reluctantly as I take another sip of my drink.

“Would it kill you to give a whole-hearted compliment to me?” Ron asked almost hurt.

“Oh fine. You did a good job.” I say with a smile on my face.

“Thanks.” Ron said satisfied as he took a sip of his drink. “Yum!”

“Huh? You like sour lemonade?” I asked.

“Yep.” Ron said. “Wait how’d you know it was sour lemonade?” Ron asked.

“Uh… got to go.” I say. Smoke then appears around me and when it clears, I have disappeared.

“Man… he’s good at that.” Ron said. He then shrugged and proceeded to sip more of his lemonade.

Note: Nobody can be voted off.
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SSBM Outback: Season 2 Empty Re: SSBM Outback: Season 2

Post  Dominion on Mon Oct 22, 2007 3:38 am

Awesome. I lol'd at Ganondorf getting tranquilized.
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Post  Weldar on Mon Oct 22, 2007 11:25 am

Good introduction, So far my favourtie character is Mewtwo, he reminds me of a friend of mine. Can't wait to see how this story turns out
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Post  Quill9 on Mon Oct 22, 2007 12:53 pm

Yeh brawl characters! YOSHI AND PIT MUST WIN! Were is Sonic?
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Post  Captain_Conker06 on Mon Oct 22, 2007 11:55 pm

Days 1-3

Day 1

Haron Tribe

The plane seats were still falling through the air until they hit the ocean and floated harmlessly to shore. For some reason, all the chairs that landed on this beach belonged to the Haron tribe. “Okey-dokey. It-a looks like-a we all-a made it-a.” Mario said. He was wearing a short-sleeve shirt under his overalls this time around.

“Hang on… I think we’re missing someone.” Samus said. Instead of her jumpsuit, she was wearing a blue top that still left her belly exposed, and tight blue shorts that reached just above her knees, she was also barefoot.

“Let me see… I think Bowser’s not here.” Ness said. The only difference in his outfit were a pair of sandals.


“Yeah, where is he?” Y. Link asked. No change in outfit for him either.

“Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Bowser had escaped from his chair as it fell through the air and was still falling due to his increased wind-resistance. He finally landed headfirst on to the boulder that was on the very sandy beach.

Roy, to the camera, “Well, looks like Bowser is off to a great start.” Roy joked. Knee length sandals replaced his boots and his white pants only went to just above hi knees. His cape was missing as well.

“Well what should we do now?” Pit asked.


“I’m actually in favor of Pikachu’s suggestion.” Nana said.

“So am I.” Popo said. In case you’re wondering, they’re wearing their normal parkas.

“How can you guys stand this heat?” Fox asked. He was in a sleeveless vest with fingerless gloves, green pants and boots.


“How about half of us go that way.” Meta-Knight pointed to his right, “And the other half go that way.” Meta-Knight then pointed to his left.

“Go idea. Whoever finds-a shelter should-a send the-a fastest-a runner to the other party to-a let-a them know-a.” Mario said. “Oh, and-a stay along the-a beach-a.” Mario added.

“Right, that’s all well and good.” Roy said.

“So… which party lugs around Bowser?” Y. Link asked making a notion toward the unconscious Bowser. Everyone looked at Roy.

“What? Just because I’m the physically strongest besides Bowser? Fine…” Roy said. Mario, Roy while carrying Bowser, Pikachu, Yoshi, Fox, and Y. Link went one way while Meta-Knight, Pit, Pichu, Samus, Nana, Popo, and Ness went the other way.

Meta-Knight’s party:

“Remember everyone, we shouldn’t go too far from the beach, and don’t wander off.” Meta-Knight said. “Everyone understand that?” Meta-Knight asked.

“I understand!” Pit said.

“No need to tell me.” Samus said.

“Right.” Both Nana and Popo said

“Of course.” Ness said. Then there was silence. “Hey where’s Pichu?” Ness asked.

“Of course…” Meta-Knight sighed.

“I’ll go look for him.” Samus sighed going in to the jungle.

Mario’s party

“Mama-mia… finding this-a cave was-a convenient.” Mario said.

“Yeah that was easy.” Y. Link said.

“Almost too easy…” Roy said.



“Now that I-a think about it-a… I don’t-a think the-a author would-a leave a cave like-a this so easily.” Mario said.

“Pikachu.” He nodded in agreement.

“So should we send someone in to check it?” Y. Link asked.

“Yeah I guess we should… but who?” Fox asked. Everyone thought for a second when Bowser opened his eyes.

“Ooooooohhhh… what did I miss?” Bowser asked. Everyone looked at Bowser, then looked at each other, and nodded their heads. Roy then spun around and around still holding Bowser’s tail. “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Whyyyyyy are you spinning meeeeeeeeeee!” Bowser shouted.

“Thanks for volunteering!” Roy shouted as he hurled Bowser in to the cave.

“So is everything okay in there?” Fox asked.

“Sheesh, it’s awfully dark. Hey what’s that?” Bowser’s voice echoed.


“SWEET MOTHER OF KOOPAS!!!” Bowser shouted. Then the sound of violent beating and thrashing came from the cave.

“Mama-mia! Is it-a safe to-a leave him in-a there?” Mario asked.

“Maybe one of us should go in and check on him…” Fox suggested.

“Man… what is in that cave?” Roy asked.

“I’m not going in to find out.” Y. Link said.

“Yoshi!” Shaking his head violently.

“Pikachu!” Also shaking his head. Then a green wingless dragon was thrown out of the cave covered in burns and scratches and bruises right in the middle of the group, nearly flattening them.

“Whoa!” Roy shouted.

“Mama-mia!” Everyone looked in to the cave and Bowser came out with his hands clasped together waving them above his head in victory.

“Oh yeah! I rule!” Bowser cheered.



“Yes thank you! Thank you!” Bowser said. Then some coconut trees growing just above the cave lost a few coconuts and they all conked Bowser on the head. “Doh! Dwa! Ow!”

“Well, I’ll go get the others.” Fox said running off.

Mario, to the camera, “Well, it was-a lucky we found-a shelter.”

Pikachu, to the camera, “I was trying to tell Bowser about the coconuts coming loose.”

Yoshi, to the camera, “Those coconuts tasted good.” He then licked his lips.

Ris Tribe

Everyone was now sitting in a circle on the beach silently for a moment. “Well, any ideas on how we should get started?” Marth finally asked. He had adopted the same idea as Roy as far as his outfit went.

“We’d probably have better luck building a shelter instead of finding one.” Snake pointed out. He was only wearing the vest, no shirt underneath, camouflage shorts that looked torn at the knees, and sandals.

“So then we’ll need to gather some timber.” Peach said. She was wearing a dress that was a lighter pink in color that had no sleeves and her hair was in a ponytail.

“Shouldn’t we make tools for getting food?” Link asked.

“Great idea Link, you can make the fishing poles.” C. Falcon said.

“Hey why only me?”

“I can help.” Zelda said.

“I can…” Ganondorf started to say evilly.

“You should help gather timber for the shelter.” Mewtwo interrupted.

“Yeah.” DK nodded.

“Yeah, you are-a pretty strong-a.” Luigi said. His green shirt was short sleeved this time

“Uh… okay then…” Ganondorf agreed.

Ganondorf, to the camera, “Curses! I was hoping to sabotage Link and make him look bad!”

“Ha! You wimps will need my help to gather the wood for the shelter! Wah ha ha ha!” Wario yelled. He was wearing his traditional purple overalls and yellow hat with the short sleeved yellow shirt.

DK, to the camera, “Hey… not a lot of people changed their outfits. I’m confused… how does the sand not bother their feet in shoes?”

“Heh, well I guess I better go help you guys look around.”

“I’ll…” Mewtwo started to say something.

“Oh no you don’t!” Wario said.

“What? Oh don’t tell me. You’re afraid I’m going to show you up when searching for wood. Fine, I won’t help with that then.” Mewtwo said floating off toward the ocean.

“Stupid psychic cat reading my mind.” Wario said.


“No there’s nothing to eat.” Peach answered.
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Post  Captain_Conker06 on Mon Oct 22, 2007 11:58 pm

Hd to continue, this way now...

Day 2

Ris Tribe

Wario, to the camera, “Well, we gathered the wood, we managed to get a fire going and sleep around that, and today we’re going to finish the shelter. And while we’re building it, I’m going to find some people to form an alliance with me so that I can step on them on my way to the top! Wah ha ha ha ha ha!”

Wario and C. Falcon are digging a few holes in the ground and sticking wood in to the posts. “Say C. Falcon.” Wario said.

“Hm? What is it?” C. Falcon asked.

“You know we may not be the most popular guys around here, what if we formed an alliance? We might be able to root out the weaker members of the tribe!” Wario said. “So, you thinking about it?”

“Yeah I’m thinking about it and you know what… I think you’re an idiot.” C. Falcon said.


“What’s the point of alliances this time around? We’re not even the ones voting!” C. Falcon pointed out.

Wario, to the camera, “Doh! CURSE YOU GAMEFAQS MESSAGE BOARDS!!! No wait! I didn’t mean it! Oh for the love of… grah!” Wario out of anger ripped out a medium sized coconut tree sapling and hurled it in to the air as far as he could.

Haron tribe

Samus, to the camera, but it is worth noting that she is covered in red stings. “That is the last time… I go help that little rodent…” Samus growled.

Pichu, to the camera, “I found this funny looking thing up in a tree that had lots of bees. I wonder why Samus is so mad though.”

“Aw come on… why do I have to find the firewood? I found this cave.” Bowser groaned.

“We all drew straws and you drew the shortest one.” Ness said.

“But the author will hit me with something hard.” Bowser said.

“Hm… good point, and we could use you in the next immunity challenge.” Ness said. “Maybe I will go.”

“Thank you! After all, what could hurt me on this beach?” Bowser asked. That’s when a coconut tree sapling came from over the jungle and nailed Bowser behind the head. “GWA!”

“Hey! Finding firewood was easy after all.” Ness said. Fox walked in having just seen that sapling come from over the jungle.

“Yeah but why was it flying through the air?” Fox asked.

“Wow… I didn’t know trees could fly.” Pit said.

“They don’t…” Bowser groaned.

“Say how did fishing go for you?” Fox asked.

“I don’t know…” Pit said. He was holding on to a net that was mostly submerged underwater. He then pulled really hard and pulled a net that was full of a countless number of fish above the water. “Is this enough?” Everyone could only stare at him wide-eyed.

“Uh-huh…” Everyone said slowly still trying not to gawk at this sight.

Pikachu and Pichu were picking up seashells. “You know… if-a you put your-a ear to the-a seashells-a, you can-a hear the sound of-a the ocean.” Mario said to them taking a break from making his fishing pole.

“Ow ow ow ow!” Samus said from a distance.

“Sorry, I guess this isn’t doing the stings a whole lot of good.” Nana said.

“Pikachu?” Pikachu put his ear against the seashell he just picked up and thought he heard a sea breeze blowing. “Pika! Pika! Pika!” Pikachu said hopping up and down happily. He then gave the shell to Pichu.

“Pichu!” He happily accepted the shell and put his ear against it. What he heard was…

“h…eeee…llllp… meeee… h h h… heee…ll… pp me…” in one of the most disturbing quiet voices you could have possibly heard.

“Pi…” Pichu’s eyes shrunk to the size of peas while keeping them wide open in terror. “Piiii…chuuuu…” Pichu then gently placed the shell down. “Piiiiiichuuuuuu!!!” Pichu then darted back to the cave faster than ever.

Y. Link, to the camera, “Man… I wonder what was eating Pichu.” Y. Link said.

Ris Tribe

“Sheesh Snake… how do you fish like that?” Marth asked. He had two fish on his stick, while Snake had five fish on four different sticks.

“Something you just pick up.” Snake said.

“I-a found some-a rocks-a.” Luigi said.

“Oh good, and I have the wood for the fire.” Zelda said putting some sticks down.

“Where’s Link?” Peach asked as she lay some grass on top of the sticks

“I think he’s helping put the final touches on the shelter.” Zelda answered. Luigi struck the rocks together and managed to get a few sparks to start a fire. Snake and Marth then lay out place set up the fish so that the fire would heat them.


“Oooo oo!” DK chattered.

“Yep, this shelter is great.” Wario agreed.

“Nothing could be better.” Falco nodded.

“Jigglypuff!” She said happily.

“Yep, and we spent all day on it too.” C. Falcon said proudly.

“We’re good, what can we say?” Link said.

“I think everyone else will be pleased.” Ganondorf said.

“…” Mewtwo just silently stared at the shelter, it was just a bunch of posts and a few sticks poorly put together and the roof wasn’t even finished. In fact, one stick fell out of place and the whole thing collapsed. “YOU GUYS ARE IDIOTS!!!” Mewtwo shouted.

“And I suppose you could build a better shelter?” Wario asked.

“I’d like to see him try.” Ganondorf said.

“Yes I can as a matter of fact.” Mewtwo said angrily. He sat cross-legged a few feet from the wood and sticks. He closed his eyes and the wind began to blow. The wooden posts assembled themselves, some mud came flying from the wood. The posts formed walls, the mud and sticks formed a tightly packed roof and put themselves together quite neatly. Mewtwo even made a bunch of grass and leaves come from the woods and form beds for everyone inside the shelter. Everyone just stared wide-eyed. What had taken them all day to make very badly, Mewtwo assembled as perfectly as possible in a few minutes.


“Now if you’ll excuse me, they nearly have dinner ready.” Mewtwo said.

Back to the cooking…

“Okay, it’s all ready.” Peach said happily. Snake, Luigi, and Marth grabbed one fish right away and began eating. “Okay everyone! The fish are… huh?” Peach turned around and found that the fish had disappeared.

“Hey, where’d the fish go?” Wario asked.

“Jigglypuff…” She cried.

“There’s only one place…” Mewtwo said. Everyone looked toward the bushes.

“Pyo!” Kirby jumped out and waved happily. He rubbed his stomach happily.

“That little pink punk ate all the fish we had!?!” Ganondorf shouted.

“oooooooo…” DK moaned.

“That little… GRAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!” Wario then chased after Kirby.


“You get back here! That was our only food you little pink-!” Wario shouted.

Zelda, to the camera, “Ugh… we’re going to starve…”

Luigi, to the camera, “Oh noooo… why did-a we have to-a have-a Kirby in our-a tribe?” Luigi whined.
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SSBM Outback: Season 2 Empty Re: SSBM Outback: Season 2

Post  Captain_Conker06 on Mon Oct 22, 2007 11:58 pm

3rd part...

Day 3

Haron Tribe

“Tree-a mail!” Mario shouted. He was near one tree that had a mailbox attached to it. The mailbox had a letter inside of it.

“Allow me to read it.” Meta-Knight said. “Ah-hem. In your first challenge, you must dig, or suffer some consequences that are very big? What kind of rhyme is that?” Meta-Knight asked.

“A rhyme the author made up.” Roy said.


“Oh hey, there are directions here.” Y. Link pointed out.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go.” Samus said.

“Okay! Let’s go Nana!” Popo encouraged.

“You’ve got it Popo.” Nana said.

Both tribes headed around the island to a new beach location where Ron Host was waiting for them. The beach was sandy, and behind Ron Host were 28 fairly deep pits dug in to the sand that had little ditches leading from the ocean. “Hello smashers.” Ron said.

“Say have you gotten tanner?” Link asked.

“Yes I have, now on to the immunity challenge.” Ron said. “In this challenge, every one of you will be put in to one of these pits, we’ve made sure that they are impossible to climb out of, but under a pile of sand are a stair case out of the pits.” Ron said.

“Point being?” Falco asked.

“Each of you, must use the shovel you will find in the pit to dig your way out before the tide comes in and floods the pit you’re in.” Ron said.

“Huh? Doesn’t that carry a risk of drowning us?” Zelda asked

“Of course…” Ron paused for a moment.

“You’re going to finish that with “not”. Aren’t you?” Popo asked.

“Nope, I mean of course.” Ron said nonchalantly. Most of the smashers faces paled at this though. “The tribe that has the most members get out of the pits by the time the tide comes in wins the immunity challenge.” Ron finished. “Now in to the pits everyone!” But before anyone could move, warp stars appeared from underground beneath all the smashers and sent them flying wildly through the air before


They dive-bombed in to the pits. “Survivors ready?” Ron started. “Go!” Everyone scrambled to their feet and grabbed the shovel and started digging. Mewtwo was using telepathy to move his shovel, so he was having no trouble whatsoever and got out of his pit in a few short minutes.

“Yawn…” Mewtwo said.

Fox was digging as fast as he could. “Man, just how much sand is there?” Fox asked.

“Mama-mia… I don’t-a think I can-a get-a through this…” Luigi moaned as he shoveled away a bit slower than others.

“Ugh… I’m not strong enough to shovel away all this!” Ness complained. So he sat down and began to think.

Meta-Knight was making shovel scoops as fast as he can swing his sword, so he was having little difficulties. Ganondorf, DK, Wario, Bowser, Roy, C. Falcon, and pretty much every character with above average strength was shoveling away the most sand. The tide was starting to come in however.

“Mama-mia! I must-a hurry!” Mario said. As he began to shovel faster.

“Hmmmm…” Ness was still thinking and not getting to far with his shoveling at all.

“Phew… made it out.” Samus said.

“Ugh… I’ve… almost… got it…” Y. Link groaned.


“Pichu!” The two electric mice were beginning to panic, besides Jigglypuff and Kirby they were making the worst progress out of anybody right now. The water then receded a whole lot.

“Oh man, when the water recedes that much, that indicates that a wave is coming.” Ron Host said. So far for Haron, Mario, Meta-Knight, Samus, Roy, Fox, and Popo have made it out.

“Come on Nana!” Popo cheered.

“I’m coming Popo!” Nana, inspired by her brother calling her began to dig furiously until she was finally out. Bowser had also finished shoveling away the sand and was coming up the stairs waving in glory.

“Yes! Yes! Whoa!” Bowser suddenly slipped and tumbled back down the stairs. “Gah! Oof! Agh!” BAM Bowser’s shell got stuck in the sand at the bottom of the pit. “Help! I’m stuck!” Bowser shouted.

For Ris, Mewtwo, DK, Ganondorf, Link, C. Falcon, Marth, Falco, and Snake have made it out. “Come on Zelda!” Link encouraged.

“Ugh… here I come…” Zelda somehow managed to dig away the last of the sand despite exhaustion and make it up the stairs.

“Wah ha ha ha! I the great Wario! Am coming!” Wario ran up the stairs but then for some reason also slipped. “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!” Wario then fell back in to his pit as the wave for the tide was starting to come in.

“Luigi!” Ris shouted.

“Huh?” Luigi looked behind him at the wave. “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” Luigi then began digging like a madman and finally dug his way out of the pit. “Come on-a Peach! Hurry hurry!” Luigi urged. Peach also managed to make it.

“Phew… I made it.” Peach sighed.

“Come on-a everybody!” Mario cheered. Yoshi and Y. Link managed to make it out of their pits, and so did Pit.

“I can’t believe I made it.” Pit sighed in relief.

“But the wave is coming in and more of our team is still in there!” Samus shouted.

“Pikachu! Pichu! Ness! Bowser! The tide is coming in!” Meta-Knight yelled.

“Get out of there!” Roy shouted.

“I’ve got it!” Ness shouted and he finally stood up and picked up his shovel. The wave then went


The pits were instantly flooded with water.

“Well, it looks as though the Ris tribe has the most members out of the pits.” Ron Host said. “Wario, Kirby, and Jigglypuff are under the waves for Ris while Haron has Bowser, Ness, Pikachu, and Pichu under the water.” Ron Host said. No sooner did he say that did Wario, Jigglypuff, and Kirby float to the top of the water completely dazed by the wave crashing on them.

“Ugh…” Mewtwo groaned as he telepathically pulled them out of the water.

“Well, I guess Ris wins!” Ron Host said.


“Wait a minute! Look at that!” Ron shouted.

“Huh?” Everyone turned to see that there were three trails of uprooted ground under the sand, finally Ness, Pikachu, and Pichu popped out from under the sand.

“Sorry we’re a tad late, but I decided to dig through the sand instead of dig it out like these two.” Ness explained.

“Hmmmm…” Ron looked at the three. “Well they’re perfectly dry, meaning they weren’t in the pit when the tide came so the winner is the Haron tribe!” Ron shouted. Ron gave the immunity trophy to Meta-Knight.

“WHAT!!!” The entire Ris tribe shouted.

“Yaaahoooooo!!!” The Haron tribe shouted.

“Well Ris, it looks like I’ll see you guys at the tribal council tonight.” Ron said. “See you there. Back to your camps everyone!” Ron shouted.

Mario, to the camera, “Phew… I must-a say… I was a little bit-a worried when-a they didn’t-a come out of-a their pits-a.” Mario said.

Roy, to the camera, “So Ness spent the whole time thinking of another way out. Man, I thought he was a goner for sure.”

Y. Link, to the camera, “You can always count on those guys.”

Pikachu, to the camera, “I think I’ve still got sand in my ear.”

Fox, to the camera, “I’m thrilled we won, but I can’t help but think that we forgot something.”

Bowser, to the underwater camera, “blub… blub… blub…” He tried to say flailing desperately, still being stuck in the sand at the bottom of his pit.

Mewtwo, to the camera, “I can’t say that I’m surprised. I knew that Ness and those Pokemon were going to pull through. I still think that if Ness hadn’t of gotten that idea from the two pokemon, and if Wario wasn’t so arrogant, we could have settled it in some kind of tie-breaker.”

Wario, to the camera, “Man, if Kirby and Jigglypuff knew how to dig we would have won!”

Peach, to the camera, “Well, everyone did their best, well, maybe except Wario. He got a little self-centered.

Ganondorf, to the camera, “Now I shall vote off Link! Oh wait… that’s right we’re not voting. Curses.”

Night 3

Tribal council – Ris

The tribe members filed in single file. The tribal council area was on a rather rocky area of beach. It was basically a dock on the beach with wooden walls around it. There are fourteen seats for the tribe members to sit in and torches next to each of them. The entrance from the beach was one way in, there was also a wooden plank walkway that led to a boat, the infamous walk of shame. And then there was a hut next to the tribal council area. A point of interest was that the straw roof of that hut had a part of it peeled away.

“Hello Ris tribe.” Ron Host said as he walked in to the tribal council area from the beach. “Well then, you guys had a tough break today huh?” Ron said.

“Yeah well, nobody is perfect. It just stinks that three of our members had to stink at digging.” Falco said.

“Falco! How could you be so incriminating?” Zelda asked.

“Please-a just-a take it easy…” Luigi asked.

“Any other comments?” Ron asked.

“Yeah yeah! Oooo ooo oo oo ooo oo oo.” DK said.

“Wow… what a nice thing to say about us DK…” Peach said.

“Heh heh…” DK grinned.

“Snake, do you have any comments?” Ron asked him.

“No, not really. What’s done is done and now we’re going to have to accept the truth that we’re here right now.” Snake said.


“Of course you’re happy! You ate all of the clan’s food!” Wario shouted.

“Jigglypuff…” She sighed.

“She is right, it is kind of sad how one of us will be leaving tonight even when the game has just started.” Marth said.

“Oh yes, these tribal councils really do test your ability to withstand pressure, and our audience almost hopes you fold under it.” Ron said.

“That’s not a nice thought to give us.” Link pointed out.

“Well let’s start already! We’ve got other challenges ahead and let’s go meet them.” C. Falcon stated.

“Well… anyways… Ganondorf you’ve been quiet. Do you have anything to say?” Ron asked.

“Shush! I’m hoping the readers forget that I’m here!” Ganondorf shouted.

People who can be voted off: Wario, Mewtwo, Snake, DK, Ganondorf, Link, Zelda, C.Falcon, Jiggs, Kirby, Marth, Peach, Falco or Luigi.
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Wow that was big, so far I'm liking season 2 keep up the good work
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