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SSMB: Survivor Outback! Empty SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Captain_Conker06 on Sun Oct 07, 2007 7:04 pm

Disclaimer: I do not own Survivor or the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo reserves all rights to Super Smash Bros.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Our host, Ron Host, “Within the next month… two teams, sixteen characters, but only one survivor will go all the way and win one million dollars, converted to whatever currency they use of course. Welcome, to Survivor- SSBM Outback! The teams are set up like so...”

Clan Utaku- Mario, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Peach, Kirby, Pikachu, Nana, Popo

Clan Katari- Captain Falcon, Samus, Fox, Link, Zelda, Ness, Yoshi, Luigi

Ron Host continues “Every three days, The clans will compete in an immunity challenge and the losing clan has to go to clan council and vote out one of their own members. Each clan has been given 24 cans of canned food to get them started, but each clan will soon have to fend for themselves and hunt for their own food and build their own shelter. Space age characters have been deprived of any advanced technology that would help their survival. Lets hear what the contestants have to say while they’re flying out here.”

Mario, speaking to the camera. “Well, this is-a going to be interesting. The clan I was-a put with-a will be tough to get along with as a whole group. But I’m-a looking forward to the experience.”

Bowser, speaking to the camera. “WHY DID I GET STUCK WITH MARIO! I could kill the author for this!” Luggage falls on Bowser’s head from nowhere. “Ow! Hey can I use this?… What do you mean no?”

DK to the camera. “Oo oo oo ooo ooo ooo.”

Peach to the camera. “I can already tell I’m going to have to watch over this clan, Mario might be alright, but the rest of them…”

Kirby to the camera. “Pyo!”

Pikachu to the camera. “Pi pika pikachu.”

Nana to the camera. “whew, I’m with Popo.”

Popo to the camera. “whew, I’m with Nana.”

C. Falcon to the camera. “Well, this clan certainly needs a leader, and I’m just right for the job!”

Samus to the camera. “They took my power suit. This is going to be a challenge.”

Fox to the camera. “It’s time to put my leadership skills to work and guide the team to victory.”

Link to the camera. “How does this hunk of metal stay in the air, and why is this box you’re holding pointed at me?”

Zelda to the camera. “The modern world is strange, although I think I understand it better than Link does.”

Ness to the camera. “After reading a few people’s minds, I can tell that there is going to be a power struggle. At least I got to keep my yo-yo.”

Yoshi to the camera. “Yoshi! Yohsi!”

Luigi to the camera. “Why couldn’t I be in the same-a clan as Mario? This is-a going to be a disaster.”

We now rejoin with Ron Host. “Well then, there are our contestants. Who will be the last survivor, who will win the equivalent of one million dollars? We can only speculate who the sole survivor will be.”

Well there you go. I and only I own Ron Host just so you know.

Chapter 2 will come, right away.
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Post  Captain_Conker06 on Sun Oct 07, 2007 7:06 pm

Chapter 2: Days 1-3

Ron Host opens up the show “Now the games officially begin, the clans are already at their designated beaches. Lets check in with Utaku first.”

Day 1: Utaku

Mario is the first to speak up “Well-a everybody, I think we should take-a this chance-a to vote for a clan leader.”

Bowser replies, “Fine, but we all know it’s going to be me. My vote goes for, well, me!”

“I vote for Mario!” Peach said immediately.

Kirby is ignoring the voting and eyeing the canned food longingly. Mario is quick to jump in his way. “I’ll-a abstain.”

DK says “oo oo oo oo”

Popo translated “He said “Bananas.” I vote for Mario.”

Nana follows suit. “I vote for Popo’s vote. Mario!”

“Pikachu!” I think we all know who said that.

Nana tallies up the votes and translates for Pikachu. “Mario”. That’s four votes for Mario, one vote for Bowser, and three abstentions. Mario’s our leader!”

“WHAT!” Bowser shouted.

“Well-a, let’s-a see… First things-a first, we need to gather-a firewood, stones to set up the fire, plenty of-a leaves for beds, and more wood-a for a shelter-a, oh! And we need-a fresh water. Ice climbers watch Kirby and make sure he doesn’t eat all the canned food. DK, Bowser, need-a your help for the wood gathering.” Said Mario, taking charge quite well.

Peach to the camera. “Mario takes charge so well.” She lets out a long sigh of admiration.

Bowser to the camera. “Grrrrrrrrrrr… must kill author.” A Coconut falls from nowhere and hits Bowser on the head. “OW! Fine, I’ll go help DK get wood. Sheesh.”


C. Falcon speaks up “Alright! First we gather fire-wood and then…”

Fox quickly snaps back. “Hold on! Who said you were the leader?”

Luigi and Ness in unison, “Uh-oh…”

C. Falcon and Fox have an argument with C. Falcon being the first to speak up. “I did, since I am a top-notch bounty hunter, so I should be the leader.”

“I already have leadership experience with my mercenary crew, so I’m more qualified than you!”

“Arrrrrggghhh!” A fist fight between C. Falcon and Fox ensues.

Samus knocks them both out “Knock it off!”

Zelda to the camera. “I can’t believe it only took one day for a fistfight to break out.”

Yoshi to the camera. “(With a depressed sigh) Yoshi.”

Link to the camera. “Okay, so this box you’re holding is a camera and I can be seen and heard anywhere around the world with it. Well, I’ll just say that this clan is going to have some issues.”

Day 2: Utaku

(Mid-day, and the shelter is almost finished. Ice Climbers are hammering down some more posts.)

Mario speaking to the Ice Climbers. “Come on-a guys, Peach got a fire going and is-a going to prepare our canned-a foods.”

Popo and Nana in say unison “Yay! Lunch time!”

Peach is at the campfire. “That’s strange, where’d all the canned foods go? We had 17 left from yesterday.”

DK answers her question. “oo oo oo oo.”

Peach shouts. “WHAT!”

Mario who just arrived “What is-a it?”

“DK just said he saw Kirby eat all the canned foods.” Responds peach.

Kirby happily says “Pyo! (Receives angry stares from Pikachu, and Bowser, everyone else stares at him disapprovingly.) (Now confused) Pyo?”

Bowser angrily shouts. “YOU LITTLE!” He lunges at Kirby and has to be restrained by Mario, Ice Climbers, and DK).

Mario to the camera. “Great, now we-a have to go-a fishing.”

to the camera. “Little, pink… man what kind of sick mind does the author…” I’ve finally had it with Bowser and a whole pile of coconuts bombard Bowser. “AAAAAAAHHHH!”

Katari: (local cave has had beds made from wood and leaves and a place set up for a fire. Everyone is enjoying canned foods and telling funny stories around the fire. Well, almost everyone is having a good time.)

“This is the fiftieth game of Rock-paper-scissors we’ve been through Fox.” Says C. Falcon.
Fox responds with “I have to admit, you’re doing great at getting lucky.”

“Why didn’t you guys-a just go best-a two out of three?” Asks Luigi.

C. Falcon and Fox shout in unison “Butt out of this!” Luigi falls over and hits his head.

Ness points out something. “Where’s Samus?”

Yoshi responds “Yoshi, Yoshi.”

“Walking huh.” Ness understands.

Zelda, who is getting sick of C. Falcon’s pointless contest with Fox. “Will you two cut it out? You’ve each won twenty-five games each.”

Arguing between Zelda, Fox, and C. Falcon occurs

“AAAAAUUUUGGGHH! Take it outside you two!” Link shouts as he throws Fox and C. Falcon outside the cave. The two of them have another fistfight until Samus breaks it up again and knocks them out, again…

She walks back in the cave dragging the two of them saying, “Hey guys. You wouldn’t believe it, but I found a hot spring just a short walk away, and it’s right next to fresh water!”

“So we have a bath and drinking water right next to each other?” Asks Zelda, extremely interested.

Luigi eases up a little bit. “Whew, I think I’ll-a just go and-a relax and…”

Samus cuts him off “Sorry boys, ladies first, come on Zelda.”

Everyone that’s left and conscious sighs at the loss.

Link to the camera. “Sheesh, I needed to relax more than they did.”

Luigi to the camera. “WAAAAAAAHHHH! Mario, why couldn’t I-a be in the same clan-a as you? You would-a know what to do!”

Day 3: Katari

Yoshi checks the crudely made mailbox hanging from a tree. “YOSHI!”

Ness responds “Tree mail. Cool.”

Samus takes the letter. “Let’s see… “To win this challenge what was lost must be found, or else you will lose the very first round.”

Fox chuckles. “Well who came up with that stupid rhyme?”

Luigi quickly shushes him. “Shh… you don’t-a want to-a call down the wrath of-a the author.”

Link, getting back on track. “Well, Let’s follow this map. And who is this author you speak of?”

Both clans follow a map towards a heavily forested area where Ron Host awaits them.

“Welcome survivors, to your first immunity challenge!” Ron Host says as the camera pans over the forest. “Through the use of major deforestation, we have created two complex and winding mazes. You all will be dropped in random parts of the maze and you have to find your teammates and get to the end of the maze towards the immunity trophy.” He holds up a shiny trophy.) “No use of fire is permitted. Survivors ready… GO!”

Warp stars appear underneath them and take them to totally random places in the clan’s respective mazes. Katari’s Ness uses his psychic powers to locate the nearest member and Zelda uses her Triforce to find Link.

“There you are Luigi!” Shouts Ness.

“How did you-a find me?” He asks

“Your thoughts were “I’m going to die, I’m scared, what if there are ghosts in this maze?” Responds Ness.


Utaku on the other hand is famished, tired, and Bowser is semi-conscious. Therefore, they are having less success.

“I found you Nana!” Shouts Popo.

“Twin power!” Nana exclaimed.

Katari has found all their teammates and Ness uses his abilities to find Ron Host. Utaku makes a valiant effort, but even when they all reunite, a semi-conscious Bowser slows them down. When Utaku finally emerges. Katari is already there.

“Katari wins!” Ron Host declares as he hands the cheering clan the immunity trophy. “Utaku, I’ll see you all at clan council.” The clans depart for there respective camps.

Mario to the camera. “Well, I tried-a my best, the clan tried-a there best, that’s-a all I can ask for.”

Bowser to the camera. “uuuuhhh… where am I?” He snaps out of it. “Oh yeah, we just lost. Wait a minute… WHAAAAAAT!”

Luigi to the camera. “I’m-a thrilled we won, but-a reading other people’s minds is an invasion of-a privacy.”

Night 3: Clan Council

Utaku assembles in to the Clan Council area.

Ron Host opens this up. “Well, well, well. Tough break today guys. Do any of you have anything to say?”

“Pi, Pikachu, pi pika pi chu chu.”

“Hmmm really? Anyone else?” Asks Ron Host.

Bowser speaks up. “We might have won if somebody (eyes Kirby) didn’t make sure we would starve.”


Peach then says “It’s hard to just pick someone out of the clan, but it would be harder if we spent a longer time here.”

Ron Host says “Well this game is designed to test you people and testing it is. One of you has to go tonight. And who will it be?”

Yes, you the readers. Will vote someone off, but you can ONLY do it by PM or your vote will be ignored.

People you can vote off: Mario, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Peach, Kirby, Pikachu, Nana, Popo. Who will be the first voted off? You guys decide.
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Post  Quill9 on Sun Oct 07, 2007 7:19 pm

i like that
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Post  Chaotic on Sun Oct 07, 2007 9:25 pm

Interesting story, I have to make my decison now.

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Post  Captain_Conker06 on Mon Oct 08, 2007 10:20 pm

Chapter 3: Days 4-6

Night 3: Clan Council

Ron Host re-enters the room. “The votes are in. First vote-Kirby, next vote-Kirby, Bowser and......Bowser, huh? Its a tie, meaning a mini contest will be played between the two.

"WHAT?! WHO DARE VOTED FOR ME??!" asked Bowser furieusly.

Ron ignored his comment.... “Hmmmm… well considering it wouldn’t be fun if we did this fairly… the first person to pay me five bucks gets to stay"

Kirby, did not have 5$. "Pyo"

"YES!!!!! I have 5 bucks, here you go" said Bowser while giving Ron 5 bucks.

Well, unanimously it has been decided, Kirby the tribe has spoken and your lack of money aswell” He snuffs out Kirby’s torch and then notices Kirby is asleep. “Oy… take Kirby away” Kirby would take the walk of shame if he wasn’t being carried. “Well good luck Utaku, and hope that I don’t have to see you back here in three days.” Utaku departs and heads back to camp to turn in for the night.

Kirby’s final words: He yawns “Pyo?” He figured that the whole thing was a long dream, since he is back at Smash Mansion “Pyo.” He goes downstairs to see who’s on Survivor.

Day 4: Katari

Fox to the camera. “We celebrated being the first winning clan all night and used up the last of our canned food, so now we have to go get something to eat.”

Link to the camera. “Man, Zelda found some herbs in the forest and made some great food from those and the canned food. I think I’ll go fishing.”

Yoshi to the camera translated “Yummy food… I’m still hungry; I’ll go gather some fruit or something.”

Ness notices Luigi behind a tree. “Hey Luigi! What’re you…?”

Luigi quickly pulls Ness behind the tree. “Shh… I’m-a hiding from-a Fox and C. Falcon because…”

Ness interupts “Don’t tell me… they want you to be a referee for some stupid contest to decide whom the leader is. Oh, and about that incident in third grade, you’re going to have to let it go.”

“Could you-a stop reading my mind-a?” Asked Luigi.

C. Falcon’s voice can be heard a short ways away. “Man this is your fault Fox. If you didn’t just come right out and ask him…”

“What do you mean? You’re the one who demanded he do it.” Fox snapped.

“Hey you ended up trying to bribe him!”

“Why you…” They both check to see if Samus isn’t around before fighting.


Mario is just handling a few issues. “Alright-a, the shelter is-a almost finished, and-a we need to-a restock our food.”

“I could go gather some berries or something from the forest.” Suggests Peach.

“Oo, I’ll go with Peach!” Shouts Bowser.

“Pika, Pika.”

“What did you say?” Bowser asked Pikachu.

“I agree with-a Pikachu, DK and Bowser will finish the shelter, Peach will go foraging, and the rest of us will go fishing.” Says Mario. Everyone but DK sides with Mario on this point.

“Well at least you’re on my side right DK?” Asks Bowser.

“ooo oo oo ooooo!”


Bowser now to the camera. “That monkey has got some nerve. CURSE YOU AUTHOR CURSE YO…” At this point I am really ticked off at Bowser so I make DK drop the heavy load of wood he was carrying on Bowser’s head.

Pikachu to the camera translated “Is it just me or is Bowser getting hit in the head with a lot of random stuff lately? I wonder why?”

Day 5: Utaku

(The shelter is finished, Peach is foraging with DK and Pikachu, Mario and the Ice Climbers are fishing, and Bowser is resting off his head injuries.)

Popo breaks the silence “Man we ate well yesterday without Kirby eating all of our food.”

“Yep,” Responds Nana. “Mario has been making sure we all get a lot of food to make up for Kirby’s eating… you don’t think we hurt Kirby’s feelings since we all voted for him do you?

“I doubt he even noticed he was here for three days.” Says Popo.

“Say Mario,” Nana asks “how come Bowser gets to rest?”

“eh… enemy or-a not, we need to-a work together to survive, and at the moment, he is in no state to help.” He responds.


(After helping out the clan with various duties, Zelda and Samus are resting at the hot spring.)

Zelda opens up this conversation. “So good to get away from those boys.”

Samus responds “I know, I’m tired of breaking up Fox and C. Falcon all the time.”

“I don’t think C. Falcon would be a great leader.”

“Neither do I, he was too much of a loner. But then again… where do they get off appointing themselves the leaders?”

“Seriously, Link would be better in the position than them, or you Samus.” All of sudden, they hear Fox and C. Falcon arguing and beating each other up, there damage is 300 percent each then you hear C. Falcon screaming and he lands right in front of the hot spring, in full view of the women.

Zelda and Samus shout in unison, “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH,” they then proceed to throw rocks at him while hiding underwater a little bit.

Link to the camera. “Something tells me I don’t want to know what’s been going on.”

Samus to the camera. “OOOOOHHH! The nerve of those two, especially C. Falcon!”

Yoshi to the camera translated “Luigi and I agree that it wasn’t very nice of Fox to kick C. Falcon so hard.”

Day 6: Utaku

“oo oo oooooo.”

“I’ll read it” Peach voluteers “Surprises in this next challenge there are not, for it is something you all have done quite a lot.” Hmmmm… catch food?”

“Argue?” Suggests Mario

“Make fun of the author?” Bowser obviously said.

“So what if I’m the only one who’s done that so far.” Says Bowser

“The challenge is something we’ve all done. Hmmmm.” Wonders Popo.

Nana shouts “Let’s go!”

The clans make their way to the top of this hill where there is a small clearing and a perfectly level sandpit.

Ron Host greets them. “Well, good to see you all here today. I see the Utaku clan is looking a little less famished. But anyways, each clan will send two members in to the pit each and fight the other team. The winning team gets their clan one point, and if it ends up being a tie. A tiebreaker fight will determine which clan gets the immunity trophy. Everyone has to fight and they only get to fight once, so choose wisely. Now then, Katari, hand over the immunity trophy.” Samus gives the trophy to Ron Host. “Utaku, considering the author thought it would be interesting, one of you has to fight alone.”

Whole Utaku clan shouts, “WHAT!”

Ron Host continues “Fox, for this challenge you will be given back your combat equipment and Samus, You will get your power suit back for this challenge. Survivors ready…GO! “

Up first for Utaku was Bowser and first for Katari is Fox and C. Falcon.

C. Falcon says, “Alright, follow my lead!”

Fox snaps back “Your lead?”

Remaining Katari members say in unison “Oh no.”

C. Falcon and Fox are beating each other up while Bowser is leisurely strolling up to them. When he gets close enough, he head butts them out of the sandpit.

Score: Utaku-1 Katari-0

Next for Utaku are the Ice Climbers and next for Katari is Yoshi and Link. Link mounts Yoshi like a horse and they charge towards the Ice Climbers who try to counter with Blizzard. But Links shield protects the duo and Yoshi’s Kicks and Link’s sword slashes easily beat the two of them.

Scoret: Utaku-1 Katari-1

Utaku: Mario and DK, Katari: Samus and Zelda, Samus shoots a missile at the same time Zelda, as Sheik, throws a lot of needles. Mario sends the projectiles back at them, which knocked them off their feet, at that instant, DK comes in and punches them out of the sandpit.

Score: Utaku-2 Katari-1

Utaku: Pikachu and Peach, Katari: Ness and Luigi, Pikachu tries to zap them, but Ness absorbs it with Psi magnet. Luigi then uses green missile fully charged. And he explodes forward; Peach uses her tennis racket to send him back at Ness who does the same thing with his bat. And this goes on for a while until Pikachu sneaks up behind Ness and zaps him as Luigi comes back at Ness and they both go flying out of the sandpit.

“Utaku wins!” Declares Ron Host as he hands the immunity trophy to Utaku who is celebrating. “Katari, I’ll see you at clan Council.” Both clans head back to their respective camps.

Mario to the camera. “We actually won-a the challenge-a. Everyone was at his or her best-a and we all gave it-a everything we got. Even if-a the Ice Climbers lost, They still tried hard-a.”

Bowser to the camera. “OH YEAH! WHO’S THE KOOPA! I RULE!”

Ness to the camera. “Man, if only Fox and C. Falcon didn’t argue we might have won in the tiebreaker. Well what can I expect from two hardheaded numbskulls?”

Night 6: Clan Council.

Katari members file in a little demoralized. Luigi is also looking particularly beaten up.

Ron Host greets them “First night here… well, well, well. So let me ask you, has there been any internal strife?”

The whole clan just eyes Fox and C. Falcon who are glaring at each other.

“I’ll take that as a yes. How does it feel to know that one of you is leaving tonight?”

Zelda responds, “Well, we all have some people we would prefer to have to leave I’m sure. But maybe not. It could end for any one of us tonight.”

“True, tonight the game ends for one of you and you will be sent back to Smash Mansion.”

Few things, one-some of the stuff during the fight scene can’t be done. (Namely riding on top of Yoshi and Peach being able to reflect projectiles.) Secondly, before anyone gets any perverted ideas, Samus and Zelda were wearing bikinis. They’re just sensitive.

Well, see you next chapter.

People you can vote off: Captain Falcon, Samus, Fox, Link, Zelda, Ness, Yoshi, Luigi
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Post  Captain_Conker06 on Wed Oct 10, 2007 4:07 am

Characters voted off:


SSMB: Survivor Outback! Kirby

Reason: For eating all canned foods, which made his team lose.

Chapter 4: Days 7-9

Night 6: Clan Council

Ron Host takes up the votes. “The votes are in! First vote- Captain Falcon!”

Ron Host continues “Next vote- Luigi!”

Luigi, under his breath “WHAT?!”

Ron Host begins to read out the third vote-. “C. Falcon" and the fourth vote goes to.... Captain Falcon"

Ron Host says “C. Falcon, the tribe, have spoken!” He snuffs out C. Falcon’s torch. “It’s time for you to leave.” C. Falcon takes the walk of shame. “Back to camp everybody!”

C. Falcons final words: “Man… that was totally unfair. I didn't derserve to go!"

Day 7: Utaku

Popo, to the camera “Mario wasn’t all that disappointed when we lost. I was right to vote for him as our and not that loudmouth Bowser.”

Nana, to the camera, obviously tired. “Man, I’m tired, we worked so hard to make up for our food loss the last few days that I haven’t had much time to rest. No, can’t let the clan down. I’m sure everyone else knows they can’t slack off.”

Bowser is lounging on a rock on the beach. “Zzzzz… zzzzzzz… zzzzzz.”

Mario comes over and… “BOWSER!”

“Uwaaaaa!” Bowser falls off rock on to his head since I don’t like him.

“Bowser, you need to-a do some work around-a here. I know you’re head isn’t-a hurting since you used it-a yesterday in that-a last challenge.”

“Well I’m tired, so just let me rest.”

“That isn’t-a going to cut it!”

Peach walks over. “What’s going on over here?”

Bowser and Mario say in unison, “Would you stay out of this?”

“Alright, alright.” Peach said as she walked off.

Peach, to the camera, “I can’t believe we’re already fighting one day after we won our first victory.”


Fox speaks up. “Now that C. Falcon is gone I shall assume my rightful place as clan leader.”

Link stops him “Hold it! I say we vote this time.”

“Hang on, I swiped some paper from the clan council.” Samus said. Everyone passes around the paper and writes on it. Luigi takes the ballots and reads them out.

“Let’s-a see… Fox, Link, Samus, Zelda, Zelda, Link, and Samus. A three way tie?”

“What?” Wondered a bewildered Fox.

“I concede to Link.” Said Zelda

“I don’t want to be the leader.” Said Samus.

“Yoshi, Yoshi!”

Samus, to the camera, “It’s kind of strange not having some fight break out today, I like it.”

Ness, to the camera, “Ah, finally no more fighting, However that numbskull Fox is still around, I really don’t like him since he still helped us lose that last challenge, and he’s still a jerk.”

Day 8: Katari

Fox is whining all by his lonesome. “oooooohhh. Uuuuuuuuuhhh.”

Link walks over. “What’s up?”

Fox snaps out of it. “Oh uuuuhh. Nothing at all!”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Yoshi! Yoshi yoshi!”

“What! I was not! He’s lying!” Fox retorted.


“I’ll leave this to you guys.” Link said as he walked off.

Samus (to camera): Fox has been spending some time to himself lately. He’s kind of slacking off.

Luigi (to camera): The clan has-a mellowed out a bit-a since C. Falcon left, but-a Fox still kind of worries me.


“Pika pika pikachu pi chu.”

“oo oo ooo oo oo!”

Bowser storms over there. “Hey! I can hear every word you’re saying about me!”

“Hey guys, shouldn’t you guys be getting food or something?” Asks Popo.

“Back off squirt!” Snaps Bowser.

Nana stands up for Popo. “Hey! Don’t yell at him!”

Bowser continues “You know what? This is all just a cruel set up by our twisted author! And… (Despite the fact that I am mad at Bowser, I’ll just ignore him and punch my Bowser punching bag. So I won’t be able to finish this conversation.) ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Peach, to the camera, “Bowser has been tense lately. He really has no right to be either, I mean he’s not doing his fair share around here. Plus he’s also blaming this author that I have never heard of for everything.”

Day 9: Katari

Ness checks the mail box. “Tree mail! “To avoid elimination and move on, you need to get wet or you’ll be gone.”


Samus, with a hint of worry. “Swimming?”

Link beckons them, “Come on clan, let’s go!”

Both clans walk through this cave and arrive at this beautiful waterfall like in a fairy tale.

Ron Host greets them. “Welcome, survivors, to the waterfall of bravery!”

Link intervenes “Why does this waterfall look vaguely familiar?”



“Has Link already saved the Water Temple?” Asked Ron Host.

A random crewman responds. “Yeah.”

“Then hurry up and blow up the rocks around the Zora’s waterfall. We need to drive it out of here before everything thaws.” Bombs explode around the waterfall and a freakishly huge truck hauls out the waterfall.

Back to the present.

Ron Host replies “It must be your imagination. Anyways… In this challenge, each clan will send one person to dive off the waterfall at the same time and swim towards the goal, don’t worry; the lake is deep enough. The clan members can’t send the next member until their previous member crosses the line. The first clan to get all of its members through across the goal line wins. Utaku, the immunity trophy.” Mario returns the trophy. “Alright. Survivors ready… GO!”

DK goes first for Utaku and Yoshi goes for Katari. I would describe the situation but the hilarity of a Green dinosaur and an ape falling from a tall waterfall would be too much for our weaker viewers. DK makes it first and Peach goes next for Utaku.

Bowser looking at the light. “Uuuuhh.”

Mario asks him. “What?”

“I sink like a stone.” Bowser responded meekly.


Katari’s next swimmer, Fox proves to be a much better swimmer than Peach and makes it there a few seconds before Peach does so Link and Popo go at about the same time.

“Uh guys…” Said Samus.

“Yes?” She asks.

“I can’t swim.”

“YOU CAN’T SWIM!” Shouts Ness with disbelief.

“Could you say it a little louder, I don’t think the Martians heard you. But no, why do you think I wear a suit for underwater travel?”

“All right Samus, it really couldn’t be easier.” Zelda begins to talk to Samus about how to swim.

Link obviously makes it there first. So Ness goes ahead. And finally Nana goes and gets some distance over the less fit Ness.

“Got it-a Bowser?” Asks Mario

“How can I trust you. Oh fine.”

Pikachu goes for Utaku and Zelda, as Sheik, goes for Katari. Pikachu has much more rapid strokes than Sheik but doesn’t have as much power Sheik does. Thus they reach the beach at the same time. Now Bowser and Samus go. Bowser pulls a surprise move and jumps backwards and then blasts a lot of fire and it propels him forward a little bit before hitting the water. However, Samus ends up swimming much better and gets there much sooner than Bowser.

“Bye-bye Brother.” Luigi said as he jumps off and hits the water a little before Bowser gets there and Mario jumps in. Luigi had a head-start but Mario is gaining on him and manages to pass Luigi when all of sudden…

“OH! Leg-a cramp!” Mario floats there helplessly as Luigi passes by him and Mario tries to swim with just one leg and two hands, but Luigi is already way ahead of him and has passed the goal line.

“Katari wins!” Declares Ron Host as he gives the immunity trophy to Link. Everyone at Katari cheers. “Well, back to your campsites everyone. Utaku, I’ll see you later tonight.”

The clans head back to their respective camps.

Mario, to the camera, “I feel-a ashamed that I let the team down on-a that challenge. I-a should have stretched-a.”

Bowser, to the camera, “You see! That’s why I should be the leader!”

Samus, to the camera, “Honestly, I was worried when it was a swimming challenge, but now I think my confidence has been renewed after this challenge.”

Night 9: Clan Council

Utaku files in and everyone has a seat.

Ron Host: Tough break today Utaku and it looked like it was a close race. What do you think happened out there?

Bowser wastes no time responding. “Mario messed up is what happened!”

“Bowser! It was all just a simple fluke for the other clan. It wasn’t anyone’s fault.” Says Peach.

Ron Host continues “Alright then. One more question. Have things been going smoothly at your campsite?”

Popo responds. “Some people have been slacking off a little bit.”

“Pi pikachu pika.”

Bowser retorts to Pikachu’s comment. “Hey! You know, this is entirely the author’s fault and…” I need to go hit my Bowser punching bag, so excuse me a minute………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

People who can be voted off: Mario, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Peach, Pikachu, Nana, Popo. Who will be the 2nd person voted off for Utaku? You decide.
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Weldar on Thu Oct 11, 2007 12:48 am

Nice story still I like it so far but I would hav liked to see all of the characters from Melee in it, minus Doctor Mario and Shiek
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Captain_Conker06 on Thu Oct 11, 2007 1:10 am

People voted off:


SSMB: Survivor Outback! Kirby

Reason: For eating all the canned food, which made his team lose.

Captain Falcon:

SSMB: Survivor Outback! Captainfalcon

Reason: For rude remarks.

Chapter 5: Days 10-12

Night 9: Clan Council

Ron Host takes up the votes. “Well now that we are done with that excruciatingly long conversation in the last chapter,” He receives quizzical looks from all survivors except Bowser. “it’s time to tally the votes. This time, I will include the names of the voters. First vote- Mario (camera flashes a shot of Mario) from Saint Jimmy, next vote- Bowser (flash of Bowser) from Quill9, and the last vote goes to... Nana, from Weldar.

Bowser interrupts, “HA! Its a tie!"

“exactly Bowser,” replies Ron Host. “Now, it will be a three-person tie breakdown match!" Bowser's, Mario and Nana's jaws drop down. "The challenge - The tinest, you will need to weighted the smallest to stay here, the biggest will leave." Ok, Mario, you weight 167 pds. Nana, you weighted 127 pds and Bowser, you weight 300 pds. Sorry Bowser...."


“The tribe and your fatness has spoken.” He snuffs out Bowser’s torch.

“Not if I have anything to say about it!” He breathes fire on his torch, not only re-igniting his torch, but also blasting the boom operator. As a result, we can’t hear a whole lot for several minutes. Shots of Bowser being restrained by security and taken across the walk of shame are seen. Finally the boom operator is replaced.

“Well that was eventful. All of you return to your campsite.” Said Ron Host.

Utaku leaves.

Bowser’s final words: On the boat being taken to the location a plane is supposed to pick them up. “Grrrrrrrrr! THIS IS ALL THE AUTHOR’S FAULT! IF I EVER GET TO SEE HIM I’LL…” I broke my punching bag, so I make up a scenario where a plane for a dumbbell manufacturing company is forced to drop there entire load and the whole load falls on top of Bowser. Miraculously, the boat he’s in remains unharmed.

Day 10: Katari

Ness is chatting with a few clan members. “Jeez. Fox has just been sulking and he hardly ever helps out around here, and he’s being a baby about not being clan leader, and…”

“Yoshi, yoshi yoshi.”


Zelda explains, “Yoshi’s right. If Fox knew what you were saying about him there could be trouble.”

Ness: I see.

(Close by.)

“… and that’s what-a Ness has-a been saying about-a you.” Luigi says to Fox.

Fox responds through clenched teeth. “I see.”


Mario, to the camera, “This is-a pretty bad actually, we’re-a short-handed and we are-a getting fairly close to the-a merger. Even if I don’t-a make it, I would-a still like a member of Utaku to make it to the prize money. We could-a still merge even or even-a merge with more-a members.”

Peach is watching Mario attentively. “What are you doing Mario?”

“I’m-a going hunting.”

“Hunting? Are you sure you’ll find something around here?”

“I’m-a taking Pikachu with-a me. If there any-a animals, he’ll-a find them.”



Mario: Smell-a something? (Pikachu sneaks up behind the bush and…)


“DK! What are you-a doing?”

“oo oo oo ooo.”

“You saw a large-a boar?” DK takes them to where he saw the boar, they position themselves to where its escape route is cut off. Pikachu zaps it and DK come in to wrestle it down. Mario comes in… the rest of the scene is censored.

Back at the camp, everyone’s wolfing down boar meat except for Pikachu and DK, who get more fish.

“Yum!” Exclaims Nana

“Oh yeah, this is good eating.” Said Popo, agreeing with Nana.

Peach, to the camera, “I can’t believe Mario actually did it! I know he had help, but, he’s strong, smart, and dreamy.” She lets out a long sigh of admiration.

Day 11: Katari

Fox storms up towards Ness. “Hey Ness!”


“I really don’t appreciate what you’ve been saying about me lately!”

“Uh… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t play stupid with me! You say I’m a numbskull, a crybaby, a poor sport, and…”

“Well you are!”

“You want to make something out of it!”

“Bring it on fur ball!”

“I’ll bring it you half-pint!” They break out in to a fight until… you guessed it.

“Link, I’m getting tired of breaking up fights all the time.” Says Samus as she notions towards the unconscious bodies of Ness and Fox.

“Who started it?” Asks Link.


“He was a problem last time too…” Pointed out Zelda.

“Hmmmmm.” Ponders Link. All of a sudden…

“AAAAAAHHH! Bugs! Get-a them off of-a me!” Came Luigi’s shouts.

Yoshi just sits there, watching Luigi swat off a swarm of bugs with interest.

Utaku: It’s sunset, and it all of a sudden started to rain. The clan retreated under there shelter, thankfully, the roof had some sand packed in to the crevices, so the rain didn’t make it through.

“I’m bored.” Complained Nana.

“We could try out Bowser’s favorite hobby.” Suggested Nana. Peach hides upon hearing this. “Not that. We could try out making fun of this author Bowser was always talking about.” The roof suddenly opens over Popo’s head, Mario Quickly goes outside to seal it then comes back in soaking wet.

“Better not-a. Bowser always got-a hurt when he-a did that.” Points out Mario.

“oo oo oo?”

“Pi. pika pika?”

Mario answers their question. “We’ll-a eat the boar conservatively and-a finish it before the-a merger.”

Peach then asks, “You think we might merge with an edge?”

“Maybe.” Says Mario.

Day 12: Katari

“YOSHI!” He begins to clear his throat to read the letter.

“I think I better read it.” Says Link. “You’ve come this far so well done, but you’ll need luck to continue the fun.”

“He just assumes we’re having fun?” He rubs the bump on his head.

Luigi still covered in bug bites. “We need-a luck hm? I wonder what we’re-a doing.”

Both the clans have arrived at the next spot where there is a small desk made crudely out of sticks. A few cards can be seen on top of the desk.

Ron Host greets them. “Welcome to my table of luck! What do you think, I made myself.”


“Hey! It’s not that bad!” Ron Host says as he gets a splinter from the table. “Yeouch! Anyways… One member from each clan will come up one at a time and pick up a card and there is either a number or a question on it. You get one point for each time that you get a question right. And the numbers are instant points. The first team to get ten points wins. There is one card worth ten points on the board just so you know. Katari, the trophy. He receives the trophy from Link. “Survivors ready… GO!”

Mario goes for Utaku and Link goes for Katari.

“Hmm…” Mario looks at the card. “Who is the author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling.”

“Right!” Declares Ron Host.

Link got a two-point card so it was Utaku-1 and Katari-2. Samus went next for Katari and DK for Utaku. DK accidentally crushes the card when he picks it up and Samus got a question about Chozo lore and thus got it correct.

Peach talks sweetly to DK. “No DK, be easier with the cards.” Fox goes next for Katari and DK got another card.


Ron Host looks at his card “This is the ten-point card. Utaku wins!” Utaku cheers in victory. While Katari just stands there in disbelief that an ape defeated them. “Katari, I’ll see you at clan council tonight.”

DK, to the camera triumphantly, if an ape can sound that way. “OOOOOOOOO!”

Fox, to the camera, “That loss was just dumb luck, that loss was just dumb luck, that… AAAAGGHH! I can’t believe it! There was nothing we could have done about that challenge!”

Ness, to the camera, “I’m almost glad we lost. Now I can get rid of that jerk Fox.” He rubs his head. “I still don’t see why Samus had to hit me though.”

Night 12: Clan Council

Katari files in and sits in the seats.

Ron Host is standing there as well groomed and well fed as ever. “So, second night here. How does it feel to be on the spot?”

Luigi, well… “AAAAAGGHH! More-a bugs! AAAAHH! Couldn’t you-a sprayed some-a repellant?”

“Okay then…” Ron Host sprays bug spray. “So, do you think you could have done anything different today?”

Link responds. “It was a game of chance, so there’s no way we could have done anything differently to sway the course of that challenge.”

“Well, glad to know there are no hard feelings. So let’s begin the voting…”

People who can be voted off: Samus, Fox, Link, Zelda, Ness, Yoshi, Luigi. Who will be the 4th person to leave? You decide.

Note: I need comments from the voters now, I cannot continue without comments or I just double-triple post. So special thanks for Weldar for the comment.
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Quill9 on Thu Oct 11, 2007 10:17 am

Another good chapter lol
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Captain_Conker06 on Fri Oct 12, 2007 12:40 am

People voted off:


SSMB: Survivor Outback! Kirby

Reason: For eating all the canned foods, which made his team lose.

Captain Falcon:

SSMB: Survivor Outback! Captainfalcon

Reason: Rude remarks.


SSMB: Survivor Outback! Bowser

Reason: Not a team player.

Wh will be the next voted off? See right now!


Chapter 6: Days 13-15

Night 12: Clan Council

The members are arguing...

“Quiet! The first vote is.... from Weldar, he votes for Fox! The 2nd vote... from Princess Midna, she votes off... Yoshi!. The third vote, from Wiitard, he votes off... Fox! The fourth vote, from Quill9.... he votes out Fox! So, Fox. You will need to go. To you that care, the last vote was from Saint Jimmy, he voted for Luigi.” Says Ron Host quite bluntly

Fox is exasperated. “What!”

“The tribe has spoken.” Ron Host says as he snuffs out Fox’s torch. Fox then is forced to take the walk of shame. “Well Katari, back to camp for you."Everyone heads out.

Fox’s final words: “Auuuggghhh. Damn you voters!"

Day 13: Utaku.

DK, to the camera translated, “What was the big deal about those cards? I don’t think I understand.”

Pikachu, to the camera, translated. “I’m beginning to feel a pattern here with how these challenges have been going lately.”

“Hey Popo?” Asked Nana.


“What do you think the audience will see when this show is edited.”

“Probably only the embarrassing moments and such. Odds are people won’t even know that we’re having this conversation. Umph… Hey give me a hand with the firewood will you?”

“Sure, although I wish I knew right now what’s going to be shown.”


Link is talking with Luigi. “Luigi that was a mean trick you pulled with Fox there.”

“But… but.”

Samus cuts in. “You know Link, I’m sure the majority of us were going to vote for Fox anyways.”


Link continues. “This has nothing to do with guacamole Yoshi. But anyways, Samus that doesn’t change the fact that it was a cruel trick.”

Luigi is now begging for mercy. “Please, don’t-a be mad at-a me. I’ll-a work twice as hard, just-a don’t hate me. Waaaaahhh!”

Ness, to the camera, “Luigi has been something of a baby lately, still… his set up did help me out, and after reading his mind, he did do it because I was annoyed with Fox, so I like him still for trying to help me.

Zelda, to the camera, “The only reason I’m still staying sane is through my relaxation exercises and these earplugs I snuck in to the show.” Some big tough guys come and confiscate the earplugs. “Oops.”

Day 14: Katari

Luigi is struggling with a huge pile of wood. “Oh… man this is-a heavy.”

“Need a hand?” Ness offered as he used his psychic powers to help out.

“Thank you very much.”

“No problem. Say I wonder how everyone else is doing.”

At the beach, Samus is fishing with very little luck and Yoshi is keeping her company.






“Auuuuuggghhh! For the last time! I have not caught anything and there is no guacamole!” Samus finally snaps and she notices her shouting has scared away the few fish in the water. “Grrrrrrr.”

Yoshi, to the camera, “Why was Samus so mad?”

Link, to the camera, “Geez. Our food supply has been getting increasingly low.”

Zelda, to the camera, “Oy. I am about to go insane from all that’s been going on.”


Mario is checking their food. “Hm. We’re-a about out of-a boar to eat.”

“I could go foraging again.” Suggested Peach.

From a distance away… “Pikachu!”


“Uh-oh.” Peach and Mario head for the forest edge.

“What’s-a going on?” Asked Mario.

“Pika pika, pikachu.”

“DK thinks that lump on the tree way back there was a bee’s nest?” Asks Peach.

“Oo oo oo o.”

Mario points out something. “If it was a bee’s-a nest, they would have-chased you.”

All of a sudden bees appear and begin to attack everyone. The four of them begin to run around frantically.
Nana, to the camera, “Man, nothing exciting happens around here anymore.”

Popo, to the camera, “I almost wish Bowser was still here, at least he kept everything interesting.”

Back at Smash Mansion. All the remaining characters are watching survivor. With previous players getting the best view.

“Ha! You see! They love me!” Gloats Bowser.

“You wish.” Responds C. Falcon.

“You’re just jealous because the author likes me better than…” The chandelier falls on Bowser.

“You were saying?”

Day 15: Utaku.

Pikachu checks the mailbox. “Pikachu!”

“I’ll read it,” volunteers Peach, “Now is the time to test whether you can pass this round, just remember what goes around comes around.” These rhymes are getting more desperate.”

Mario rallies the clan. “Get-a ready everybody.”

The clans are instructed to head to the clan council area and sit down. When they arrive, they see C. Falcon, Bowser (who is a little groggy), Kirby, and Fox (who is being restrained).

Luigi thinks to himself, “Oh no.”

“Welcome survivors, and ex-survivors, To the next immunity challenge.” Says Ron Host. “We brought back all the characters you have voted off before for a questionnaire round. Each voted off member will ask each clan one question, if you get it right, your clan gets one point. To make sure that the questions are fair and are not meant to get revenge on specific survivors. (Bowser and Fox groan upon hearing this.) Our very own author decided to make a personal appearance!”

Roaring applause can be heard from nowhere. “Hello everybody! I’m nintendogeek01 and I’ll be your judge today. And yes all you smashers, I am the author everyone talks about.” Bowser launches himself at me upon hearing this. I simply knock him away with a single swallow kick. “Now then, Kirby will start this show. Take it away Ron Host.”

“Survivors ready… GO!”

While facing Utaku. “Pyo?”

Popo answers his question. “Yes Kirby, you were here for three days.”

My decision “Correct. Although an odd question.”

While facing Katari. “Pyo?”


My decision “Guacamole is correct! C. Falcon, you’re next!”

“Am I allowed to address a specific clan member?” He asked.


“Alright then, Link. What are the three factors that limit cell size?

Link is bewildered. “Huh? What’s a cell?”

My decision “That’s wrong!”

“What? That’s not fair!” Link Retorted back at me.

“Silence! I am the all powerful author.”

C. Falcon continues. “Popo, What’s the tallest mountain in the real world.”

“Mount Everest.”

My decision “Correct!”

Link mutters under his breath. “This is biased.”

“You doubt my judgment again? Feel my wrath.” Coconuts hit Link in the head. And I make one hit Bowser for the heck of it. “Bowser, you’re next.”

“Did you have to hit me? Mario. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

“Hey! That-a question is-a biased.”

My decision “Mario is right, Utaku gets one point by default.”

Bowser is not too happy with this. “Grrrrrr. Fine. Katari. Who kicked the butts of your ex-clan mates?”

Ness with very little enthusiasm “You did.”

“Yes! That is me! The greatest, without a-doubt coolest…”

Me I interrupt his gloating. “Thank you Bowser” I pull a lever and Bowser falls in to a pit where…

“AAAAAHHH! Bad Elvis impersonators! AAAAUUUGGGHHH!”

“Ah, Bowser’s screams of pain fill my heart with joy. Fox, you’re up next.”

Fox asks his former clan first. “Katari, What makes the Arwing from my Starfox team able to do its various maneuvers?”

Samus answers “A G-diffuser system.”

My decision “Correct.”

Fox continues “Utaku, how many pokemon are there in the world.”


My Decision “Correct!”

Ron Host makes the usual declaration. “Utaku wins!” Utaku cheers and they keep the immunity trophy Ron Host forgot to ask for. “Katari, I’ll see you again tonight.

“And I’ll be joining you tonight. So be back here later.” I add.

Mario, to the camera, “I was a little bit-a surprised when Bowser appeared-a on the show.”

Link, to the camera, “I think the author is setting the clan up.”

Bowser is in therapy. “Oh it was awful Doc. They’re singing was so terrible, and, and.”

The psychiatrist interrupts. “Now Bowser, you haven’t even realized whom you’re talking to.” The mask is removed to reveal… ME!


Night 15: Clan Council.

Katari files in considerably demoralized.

Ron Host greets them. “Welcome Katari.”

“I’ll take it from here Ron Host.” I tell him. “Feel like anything went particularly wrong today?”

Link speaks up. “I have a question. Why did you penalize me for a question you must realize I had no chance of answering?”

“Uh, well, there is a complicated background story behind all of that.”

Samus speaks up. “I think…”

“Silence!” I shout as thunder booms for dramatic effect (scaring Luigi to death of course.) “No more questions. The voting begins now!”

Another chapter done!. People who can be voted off:, Samus, Link, Zelda, Ness, Yoshi, Luigi. Who will be the 5th person voted off? You readers, decide!
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Princess Midna on Fri Oct 12, 2007 12:54 am

how dare u make link get hit with a coconut Sad

ur evil i say
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Weldar on Fri Oct 12, 2007 1:06 am

Nice chapter just one question, what is SSMB
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Princess Midna on Fri Oct 12, 2007 1:20 am

its either Super Smash Melee Brother
Super Smash Melee Brawl
or Super Smash Mother's Brawl
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Post  Captain_Conker06 on Fri Oct 12, 2007 3:23 am

Princess Midna wrote:its either Super Smash Melee Brother
Super Smash Melee Brawl
or Super Smash Mother's Brawl

Just for that, Link gets your vote. Althrought, if you wanna change it. PM me your new vote and a apologie.
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Zorvi2 on Fri Oct 12, 2007 3:37 am

Hey, I love this story. Its very dramatic, I want to see more of this genius! Very Happy

I will vote later on...
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Princess Midna on Fri Oct 12, 2007 4:11 am

i was guessing Sad
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Post  Chaotic on Fri Oct 12, 2007 5:39 am

Got my vote in.

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Post  Captain_Conker06 on Sat Oct 13, 2007 12:53 am

People voted off:


SSMB: Survivor Outback! Kirby

Captain Falcon:

SSMB: Survivor Outback! Captainfalcon


SSMB: Survivor Outback! Bowser

Fox McCloud:

SSMB: Survivor Outback! Scr_167

Chapter 7: Days 16-18

Night 15: Clan Council

I hold up the voting jar and break it open. “The votes are in... the first vote is from Weldar. He decided to vote off Samus.

“Huh?” Says Samus

I continue, the 2nd vote is from Zorvi2... He decided to vote off Yoshi... the 3rd vote, from Princess Midna... she decided to vote off Yoshi aswell, the 4th vote is from Wiitard.... He as-well decided to vote off Yoshi, the 4th vote is from Quill9, he voted for Zelda. So yes, Yoshi, the tribe has spoken. To you that care, the last vote was from Saint Jimmy, he voted for Luigi.” I snuff out Yoshi’s torch. “It is time for you to leave.” Yoshi sighs and takes the walk of shame. “I’ll be taking my leave of you survivors for a while, but I’ll see you all again sometime. But until then, FAREWELL!” Smoke appears around me and I disappear mysteriously as the twilight zone music plays.

Ron Host finally speaks. “Well, time to get back to camp everyone.” Katari leaves.

Yoshi’s final words translated: “Now who would vote for me. Oh well, TIME FOR GUACAMOLE! Give me a G, give me a U, Give me a…” The rest had been edited out for the sake of sparing the audience his bad cheering.

Day 16: Utaku

Mario, to the camera, “Our boar-a meat is a running low, even our-a fish supplies are-a running slim. We’ll just-a have to keep restocking our-a food. Though things have-a been a little dull-a.”

The Ice Climbers just came back with the fish and everyone sits down to eat. Popo suddenly gets an idea. “Hey, let’s play a word game.”

“What kind of word game?” Asks Peach.

Nana explains. “Starting with me, I say a word and the person to my right says a word that starts with the letter my word ended with. You can’t repeat words and you get about five seconds to come up with a word. Anyone in?”

Everyone joins in except DK and Pikachu due to their limited vocabulary.

Nana does start. “Island.”

Popo, “Daring.”

Peach, “Goat.”

Mario, “Teriyaki-a”

Nana, “Wait, what was that supposed to end in?” This goes on for a while with everyone losing because of Mario’s Italian accent. He eventually stops playing for fairness.

Peach, to the camera, “I felt bad for Mario since he didn’t get to participate.”


Luigi, to the camera, “Who-a voted for-a me? What did I-a do that was-a so wrong-a?”

Samus, to the camera, “Zelda has been pretty tensed up lately. Hopefully without Yoshi, things will cool down a little bit here.”

Ness is standing by himself looking considerably flustered.

“What’s-a wrong?” Asks Luigi.

“Auuugghh. I’m so hungry. I’m too weak to read minds now.”

“Oh, sorry.” Said Luigi when he really meant “Yeeaaahhh!”

“Now I’m bored to death, I mean it was entertaining reading your mind in particular. Since you had all those embarrassing yet hilarious incidents. Like how you still sleep with a night light, and how you got a spider down your back in the middle of a large crowd, and when…”

“Alright alright!”

Day 17: Katari

Zelda is roasting fish with Samus.

“I have to say, these are the best fish we’ve had in a while.” Notes Zelda.

“Good to see you’ve calmed down. You know, this is going to be the last clan immunity challenge we have.” Points out Samus.

“You’re right. After the merger takes place, we’ll start competing for individual immunity.”

“We’ve seen the other clan act as a unit before, but I wonder what they’re like as individuals.” The fish are almost ready to eat when it starts raining out of nowhere.

Everyone went inside the cave and gathered around the fire.

“Well that was odd.” Points out Link

“There wasn’t a cold in the sky. Man and I was enjoying my walk on the beach.” Complains Ness.”

“Grrrrrrr… We had just finished roasting the fish.” Says Samus. “AND THIS SPANDEX IS DRY CLEAN ONLY! What can I take my aggression out on!”

“AAAAAAHHHH” Luigi immediately runs away. Everyone else inches away from Samus.

Utaku: A few minutes earlier.

Mario is working out getting ready for the next challenge, as is DK. Peach is just happily singing to herself. The Ice Climbers and Pikachu are just standing around what to do next.


“Well what dances do you know?” Asks Nana.

“Yeah! Show us!” Says Popo excitedly.


“Awwww. Pokemon only, well at least let us see it.” Pleads Popo.

“Pika.” Pikachu starts doing this weird dance and…

“Mama-mia! Everyone under the shelter!” Everyone runs from the downpour, DK smells terrible do to the wet fur. Peach’s dress is in the worst shape of its life. Mario is wringing out his hat, and Pikachu is kind of embarrassed.

“Oooooo. Oo!”

“Why did you have to use Rain dance? My dress is now completely ruined!” Whines Peach.

Nana, to the camera, “GEEZ! DK SMELLS!”

Popo, to the camera, “Oh, I can’t take the smell!

Day 18: Katari

Link checks the mailbox. “Tree mail! Let’s see… “Your clan must prepare for one last run, this is the last challenge before two become one.”

Zelda considers that letter. “I wonder if it’s some kind of race.”

Luigi responds. “I just hope-a that we don’t-a have to compete outnumbered.”

The clans head for an area on the beach that an elaborate obstacle course had been made using the remnants of some old pirate ship.

Ron Host greets them as always. “Welcome survivors, to your next immunity challenge. The obstacle course you see in front of you is split in to five parts. First you have to climb up this net ladder and tag the partner at the top. Then that member has to go down the zip line and run towards their next clan member. That member will then run through old tires from some car.” Flashback, the crew jacks tires from the repo man so no one was all that sorry really. Back to the present. “After that, tag the next member who will crawl under these ropes. Finally, the last clan member tagged will run for the immunity trophy. Speaking of which, Utaku…” Utaku hands over the immunity trophy. “Utaku, one of your members will have to sit out. Remember wait to be tagged, and no interference between clan members. Survivors ready… GO!”

DK tackles the net ladder for Utaku while Katari chooses Link. DK makes it there slightly ahead of Link and tags Popo. Popo heads down the zip line and then Link tags Ness. Ness uses what’s left of his psychic powers to get a lead on Popo. Ness tags Samus for the Tires while Popo tags Mario. Mario is able to do the tires just as well as Samus, but she had a head start and thus she reaches Luigi before Mario reaches Nana. Luigi manages to squirm through mud and reach Zelda (as Sheik first.) Nana does reach Pikachu and Pikachu attempts to jumpstart his speed with his electricity. But Sheik reaches the trophy first.

“Katari wins!” Declares Ron Host. Katari is happy that they won the last clan challenge. “Utaku, I’ll see you tonight.”

Mario, to the camera, “Well, we tried-a our best, and there is-a nothing else I could-a ask for.”

Peach, to the camera, “I may have had to sit out, but I probably would have made us lose by even more than we did.”

Popo, to the camera, “Looks like we’ll be merging even.”

Night 18: Clan Council

Utaku walks in. A little glum that they’re about to lose another member.

Ron Host speaks up. “Haven’t seen you here in a while Utaku. Has the absence of being at Clan Council make you more nervous that you’re here now?”

“Oooo, oo oo oo ooo.”

“I see.” Responds Ron Host. “Any comments from anyone else?”

Everyone is silent, so I decide to liven this up a little bit by…

“EEEEEEK! SPIDER!” Shouts Peach.

“Which way did it go?” Asks Ron Host.

“That way!” Shouts Peach.

“Right!” Ron Host runs in the opposite direction. “Sorry, begin the voting.”

“But what about the… AAAAHH.” Mario finally kills it.

Yes, you heard right. The two teams will become one, but before that is possible, one of the fellow people won't reach that part - Mario, Donkey Kong, Peach, Pikachu, Nana, Popo.
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Dominion on Sat Oct 13, 2007 1:05 am

Nice story. I need to understand it a little more, but good job nonetheless. =)
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Captain_Conker06 on Sat Oct 13, 2007 5:44 pm

People Voted off:


SSMB: Survivor Outback! Kirby

Captain Falcon:

SSMB: Survivor Outback! Captainfalcon


SSMB: Survivor Outback! Bowser

Fox McCloud:

SSMB: Survivor Outback! Scr_167


SSMB: Survivor Outback! Yoshi

Who will be next to walk off the walk of shame? See right now.

Chapter 8: Days 19 to 21: The Merger.

Night 18: Clan Council

Ron Host takes up the votes and begins to read them off without delay. “First vote- from Weldar, he votes off... Donkey Kong, the 2nd vote is from Saint Jimmy, he votes off Mario... the third vote is from Zorvi2, he votes off Donkey Kong, the fourth vote is from Wiitard, he votes off DK too and lastly, the last vote is from Twilight Marci, he votes off Popo!

DK is confused as to what went on. “The tribe have spoken.” He snuffs out DK’s torch, which DK does understand.

“OOOO, OOO OO!” He starts to go crazy.

“Security!” DK is forced to take the walk of shame. “It’s time to head back to your camp everyone. Check your mailbox in the morning.” Ron Host instructs them as they leave.

DK’s final words translated: “What did I do to everyone, I didn’t disturb a bee hive or make it rain like that mouse did. I mean Pikachu and I were good pals, but I didn’t deserve to go.”

Day 19: Utaku

Mario, to the camera, “I could-a understand why that other-a person who voted for me. But why-a vote for DK and-a Popo?”

Nana, to the camera, “Geez, DK was really smelling just terrible, I mean none of us smell like roses after two weeks without bathing, but DK, ugh… but who would vote for Popo?”

Peach checks the mailbox. “Tree mail everyone! “The time has come for two to be one, so get acquainted and continue the fun. Katari will send three and Utaku two, so those people can get acquainted with you.”

Popo points out the obvious. “Whoa, that was a long one. And the rhyme wasn’t too bad for once.”


“Yeah, who should go visit?” Asked Nana “The note said to pick two people.”

“Hmmm,” ponders Mario. “How about-a the Ice Climbers go visit and the rest of us will-a stay-a.” Everyone agrees.


“I think I’ll-a stay here.” Says Luigi.

“All right then, I’ll go visit.” Volunteers Link.

“I’m going with you.” Said Zelda.

“I’m staying.” Said Ness.

“That means I have to go.” Notes Samus.

Luigi, to the camera, “I hope-a Mario comes over here.”

Link, to the camera, “It’s high-time we got to know the other clan, after all. We are going to share a campsite with them now.”

Ness, to the camera, “I wish I could still read minds, but no… I had to have my powers based on whether I was well fed or not. Stupid author, wait I didn’t mean it.” I restrain myself and spare him.

The clans have taken different routes to each other’s beaches. We’ll check in with Utaku first.

Utaku: It’s mid-day just so you know.

Mario is the first to greet the Katari members. (They are Link, Zelda, and Samus in case you’ve already forgotten.) “Hello Katari. It’s-a me, Mario. And here is-a Peach, and-a Pikachu.”

“Nice to meet you.” Says Peach.


Samus, to the camera, “I know we are supposed to be courteous, but I can’t help but be skeptic. Being a bounty hunter, I need to stay on guard when I’m thrown in to a new environment.”

“Hey everyone, I’m Link, this is Zelda, and that’s Samus.” Link introduces everyone.

Katari: It’s still mid-day.

The Ice Climbers greet everyone in unison. “Hi everyone!”

Luigi speaks up. “Where’s-a Mario?”

Popo answers him. “Oh, he decided to stay at the camp.”

Luigi goes off to cry.

Nana, to the camera, “How did that guy make it this far?”

Ness decides to return the formalities. “Hey there guys. Why don’t you go ahead and have a seat, we have just enough food.”

Day 20: Utaku

Link was observing the shelter. “I have to say that this is an impressive shelter.”

Mario was telling him about it. “The roof is-a packed extremely tightly with-a sand so that-a rain doesn’t seep through. And before they got-a voted off, our-a strongest clan mates gathered some of the best-a wood they could-a find.”

Peach and Zelda are talking. Peach is telling her about the clan. “…And one time, Mario even helped catch a boar.”

“You guys caught a boar?” Zelda was amazed. “I mean, lately we have had hardly any luck with catching fish. But we did find a hot spring we could bath in. And Link always kept things so well organized.” That’s when the conversation got all girly about their favorite guys, so I won’t bore any of you with the details.

Samus is conversing with Pikachu.


“Things have been getting a little bit rougher.”


“No, I don’t have a problem with anyone at the clan in particular now.”


“That’s true.” Bees suddenly spot Pikachu and attack him.



Luigi has swallowed his depression of just missing Mario again and is giving them the tour with Ness. “Over-a here, there is the-a spot where we start the-a fire.”

Ness continues. “We also found a hot spring, and fresh water is extremely close by.”

Nana is listening attentively, “Wow, a hot spring?”

Popo picks up. “We could have used one of those.” Everything is going just fine with the tour until.

“AAAAAAAHHHH! Snake!” Luigi runs off!

Nana finally asks Ness. “How did that guy make it this far?”

“Eh, he’s still a nice guy.” Ness answers.

“AAAAAAAHHHH! Spider!” I think you know who shouted that.

“Ok, he is a little embarrassing.” Confessed Ness.

“AAAAAAAHHHH! What was that? Oh, a snail.” Once again, you should know who that was.

Day 21: Utaku.

Mario checks the tree mail. “Let’s-a see… “Come to the beach in between the camps.”

“Huh? Is that all?” Asks Link.

“There isn’t even any rhyming?” Asks Peach.


“What has come over the author?” Asks Samus.

“Well, I guess all we have to do it follow the instructions.” Points out Zelda.

The clans head for the before mentioned beach and stand separate from each other.

Ron Host notices this. “No, no, no guys. Come on, it is time to stand together now.” The clans move to the same general area. “Great, now first, you need to decide which camp to stay at for the rest of the game.” The survivors hold a fairly long discussion and it is eventually decided that they’ll stay at Katari’s campsite. “Alright then. Now you are no longer Utaku and Katari. So therefore, a new name is needed.” A considerably longer discussion occurs. Pikachu would not give up his idea for clan Cutie. And the Ice Climbers wanted to go with Climbers. Eventually they decide on one simple name as a tribute to their creators… Nintendo. “So then,” Ron Host takes two large torches the survivors failed to notice before and he uses them to light an even bigger torch. “You are now one clan, you are now, Clan Nintendo! Now then, on with the immunity challenge.”

Ron Host points to ten wooden posts out in the ocean. “We decided to go with a classic challenge today. As you know, now that you are one clan, it is time for you to compete for individual immunity, therefore… oh, nearly forgot! The immunity trophy!” Ron Host receives the trophy from Link. “Therefore, you’ll no longer need the trophy, instead, you get this.” Ron Host holds up a talisman. “The winner of these challenges gets to where this talisman. For this challenge, you will have to stand on those posts for an indefinite period of time. You have to be the last one standing to win.” Ron Host does them the favor of taking them out to the posts in his boat. “Survivors ready… GO!”

Everyone stands there for a little bit. Ness is the first to fall off. “Darn it!” Ness swims back to the beach. About half an hour later, Pikachu is the only one showing signs of fatigue. Ron Host speaks up. “How is everything going over there?”


“Not tired huh?” Ron Host leaves and comes back with two beanbag chairs and large umbrellas.

“Pikachu” Pikachu looks at it longingly as Ness and Ron Host sit comfortably in the shade of the umbrellas. “Pika!” Pikachu jumps off the post to swim to the shore. Ron Host relinquishes his seat.

It has been one hour now. Ness shouts to Popo. “Hey Popo! Did you remember to go before we left?”

“Uuuhh.” Popo thinks.

“I bet it’s tiring to have to hold it for that long and have to stand there above all that rolling water.”

“I hate you.” Said Popo. He quickly jumps off and swims to the shore and quickly runs in to the woods.

It is now noon, Everyone seems to be going strong. “Getting tired Peach?” Asks Zelda.

“Not in the least.” Responds Peach.

“Hey is that a spider on your post?” Asks Nana.

“AAAAAHHH!” Peach is so startled by this that she falls off. “Now my dress really is ruined!”

Ron Host brings her a new dress. “And this one is much sturdier.” He adds.

Another hour later. All the contestants who were eliminated from the contest are eating Ice cream. “There’s still one left.” Shouts Ron Host.

“I’m-a good.” Says Mario.

Luigi declines as well.

“I refuse!” Shouts Nana.

“Come on Nana.” Shouts Popo. “Come over to the dark side.”

“Oooohhh. Fine.” Nana jumps in to get some Ice cream.

The afternoon sun is now at it’s hottest. Mario, Luigi, Zelda, Samus, and Link are still standing out there. The other five survivors are enjoying ice cold sodas of their choice. This doesn’t persuade the ones on the posts to jump down though. “Jeez, what’s it going to take to get you guys to come down?”

Link shouts back. “You couldn’t get me to come down for a glass of Romani ranches special milk!”

Ron Host leaves and returns with not one, but two glasses of Romani Ranches special milk. “How about two?” Taunts Ron Host. “They’re fresh.”

Link is caught between his desire to win and his desire for the best milk in the world. “Augh! I’ve been foiled!” Link jumps in.

It is sunset. Zelda gave up and swam back to shore earlier leaving Mario, Luigi, and Samus. “Here we go! Two extra large pizzas!”

Mario hears this. “Pizza? Oh mamma-mia.” He gives in and swims out to shore.

It is now nighttime and Luigi and Samus are both still going strong. Luigi is pep-talking himself. “I can-a do it, I can-a do it.”

Samus suddenly yells. “LOOK! A HUMUNGOUS COCKROACHE!”

“AAAAAAAAHHHH!” Luigi is startled and falls in.

“At long last, Samus wins!” Samus jumps in the water and swims to shore to receive the immunity talisman. “Alright clan, I need you to immediately report to clan council.”

Night 21: Clan Council

The only thing that has really changed about the clan council area is the eight additional seats and the fact that Ganondorf, Mr.Game & Watch, Falco, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Marth, and Roy were sitting in them. Ron Host explains. “These seven people will make up the jury for every vote that has been casted. They will give there opinions on the readers votes. Any comments?”

Peach speaks up. “I just want to say that it just doesn’t seem fair that we hardly got to know each other and now we already have to vote someone off.” Everyone agrees.

“That is true. New experiences are just starting for some of you, and now whoever leaves has to miss it all. So let’s vote someone off!”

Whew, that was the longest chapter I’ve ever written. About the jury, I excluded Dr. Mario for obvious reasons and I excluded Pichu and Young Link because I wanted to keep the jury at seven people and they were my least favorite characters out of the remaining characters.

People who can be voted off: Mario, Popo, Zelda, Link, Pikachu, Luigi, Ness, Nana or Peach. Who will leave? You decide.

Note: Also, Samus cannot be voted off since she won the immunity challenge. Which protects her from being voted off.

Note #2: The remaining characters are the juries. You might hear there opinion on your votes, for a twist.

Note #3: Now, you must give me a REASON to vote someone off. I don't want: "Because I hate him" I want atleast a good reason, since every vote has a reason.
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Weldar on Sun Oct 14, 2007 4:37 am

Nice the merge has finally happened. But now you need reasons for who you vote for, no more random picks for me Sad
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Captain_Conker06 on Sun Oct 14, 2007 4:56 am

Characters voted off:


SSMB: Survivor Outback! Kirby

Captain Falcon:

SSMB: Survivor Outback! Captainfalcon


SSMB: Survivor Outback! Bowser

Fox McCloud:

SSMB: Survivor Outback! Fox_070621c-l


SSMB: Survivor Outback! Yoshi

Donkey Kong:

SSMB: Survivor Outback! Dk

Chapter 9: Days 22-24

Ron Host reappears with the jar. “It is now time to see who the first person to be voted out of the newly formed, clan Nintendo.” All the survivors are tense. “First vote from Quill9, he decided to vote off Link. (camera flashes to Link) The 2nd vote is from Zorvi2, he decided to vote off Popo. (camera flashes to Popo). The third vote is from Twilight Marci, he votes off Popo. The 4th vote is from Princess Midna, she votes off Luigi, the 5th vote is from Weldar, he decided to vote off Pikachu and the last vote (camera flashes to everyone with atleast a vote).... from Saint Jimmy, he decided to vote off.............. Luigi.

"Uh? A tie to start up the new clan, heh? Luigi and Popo stand up for your challenge. Your challenge is to give me a coke, which is located over there. (Said Ron poiting at the coke machine) whoever buys me it first, stays. Luigi had money, althrought Popo didn't. Luigi easily walked throught to the coke machine and gave Ron his coke.

“NOOOOO! YOU CAN’T TAKE MY BROTHER!” Nana goes crazy and she starts bawling. The jury is not impressed with this.

“Well Popo, the tribe and your lack of money has spoken.” Ron Host says as he snuffs out Popo’s torch.

“Bye Nana.” Popo says as he takes the walk of shame.


Cries Nana.

Ron Host continues without paying attention to Nana, “Back to the former Katari camp everyone.” Everyone heads back to camp.

Popo’s final words, “I have no regrets, I enjoyed the experience, and I enjoyed being with all of my clan mates. Except for Bowser maybe. I just hope Nana doesn’t take this too hard.”

Day 22: Nintendo (The clan of course.)

Mario, to the camera, “Honestly, Nana is-a shooting herself in-a the foot-a. I can-a understand why she’s so upset-a, but the former-a Katari clan members might-a not. Well, maybe they-a will.”

Ness, to the camera, “Nana was much more of a crybaby than Luigi is.”

Samus, to the camera, “That little girl needs to pull herself together if she’s going to go any farther.”

Link, to the camera, “That Nana shouldn’t be crying like that.”

Mario and Link are hunting to make up for Katari’s previous food loss, and we know they didn’t have enough food for nine people.

“See-a anything Link?” Asked Mario.

“No, I don’t.” Answers Link. Suddenly, Mario spots what appears to be a boar. Not as big as the one Mario caught earlier in Utaku, but good enough. Mario cuts off its escape route just in case Link misses. Link aims with his bow and… the rest of this is censored.

Back at the camp.

Peach and Zelda are trying to consol Nana.

“Oh come on Nana.” Says Peach sweetly.

“Please cheer up, would Popo want you to do this?” Asks Zelda.

“Sniff…” Nana tries to speak, “I guess you’re right.”

“Aaahh. Finally.” Says Samus with relief.


“I agree, she was being loud.”

“Pika…” Pikachu settled in for a nap.

Luigi gets an idea. “I know! How about a game to-a cheer you up?” Suggests Luigi. He pulls out a stick from behind his back. Everyone is curious. “This-a is-a called a story stick. I start a story, pass it-a on to the next person, then they-a make up a story from where I-a left off.” Luigi explains. “So who’s-a in?”

“Oh, I’ve heard of this game!” Says Ness. “I’ll join.”

“Okay.” Says Nana. Peach and Zelda decide to join in as well.

“Okay, I’ll-a start. Once upon a time-a, there was-a young girl named-a Suzie.” He passes it on to Nana.

“And she met a nice young boy named Popo, WAAAAAAAHHH!” She runs off crying and wakes up Pikachu.”

Luigi, to the camera, “Oops, I guess-a that wasn’t a good idea-a.”

Day 23: Nintendo

Nana is crying her eyes out, for 16 hours straight, so nobody had a decent night’s sleep. Even the more understanding players are growing tense.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” You can guess who that is right now.


“I-a know.” Responds Luigi.

“I can’t take this anymore.” Complains Samus.

“This is getting way out of hand.” Notes Link.

Peach speaks up. “You guys have to understand that…”


Peach finally snaps. “That’s it!” Everyone gangs up on Nana to knock her unconscious.

“Yes!” Shouts Ness.

Everyone then settles in to fall asleep.

Day 24: Nintendo

Mario checks the mailbox. “Tree-a mail!”

Everyone assembles, including Nana, who is still sobbing.

“I’ll read it.” Volunteers Zelda. “Moving on to the prize any one of you might, but to win stay safe for now, you must reach new heights.”

“What kind of challenge is this going to be?” Wonders Ness.

“Only one way to find out.” Points out Link.

The survivors head for the woods to meet up with Ron Host, who is waiting for them as usual. “Hello survivors, geez, you look like you hadn’t slept since clan council.” Everyone grumbles. “Anyways, in this challenge, you are to simply climb up these outrageously tall trees.” Camera has to look way up and even it can’t see the top of the trees. “Pretty straightforward right. Survivors ready… GO!”

Everyone runs to a tree and begins to climb, well, almost everybody.

“Popo, sniff, why?” Sobs Nana.

Everyone ignores her and attempts to climb. Ness is having the least amount of luck due to his lack of physical strength. Peach manages to due slightly better than Ness, but is still doing quite pathetically.

Back at Smash Mansion.

Popo is just staring at the TV in disbelief. “Come on Nana! You could easily win this challenge!”

Bowser just walked back in. “Now I wouldn’t be doing as bad as she is. I mean, I am just the greatest guy in the whole world, and…” The ceiling caves in and one of the characters bedrooms comes crashing down on Bowser.

Back at the challenge.

Mario is holding the lead, Luigi is tailing behind him and Samus was doing just fine until…

“Whew" said Samus quitting the race.

Pikachu is doing surprisingly well and is starting to gain on Luigi. Zelda (as Sheik) is starting to pull ahead Link, on the other hand, is weighed down by that gear he always carries with him. Mario is starting to climb more frantically as Luigi, Pikachu, and Sheik begin to gain on him. Pikachu all of a sudden loses his grip and begins to fall down below. Mario, worrying about the little guy jumps down from his lead, slides down the tree, kicks off the tree, grabs Pikachu and slides down the next tree he grabs.

“That was an impressive display Mario, however, this does mean that you pretty much lost the challenge.” Says Ron Host.

“I-a know.” Says Mario.

“Pikachu!” He says as he’s hugging Mario’s leg.

“You’re-a welcome. But I can’t-a feel my leg.”

Apparently Luigi had won the challenge. As he was presented with the immunity talisman. “Alright everybody. I’ll see you at clan council tonight.” Says Ron Host.

Pikachu, to the camera translated, “Mario saved me!”

Sheik, to the camera, “I can’t believe Mario sacrificed the win for that. I think Luigi isn’t the only one who guaranteed he makes it to the next round.”

Bowser, back at the mansion infirmary, also to the camera, “Mario is trying to deceive you all! Don’t you see…” A heavy beaker falls on his head.

Night 24: Clan Council

The survivors file in and Nana is still sobbing her eyes out. The jury also files in and then Ron Host appears to speak to them. “Welcome back survivors, first of all I would like to…”

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Guess who.

“Ugh. Oh wait. Here’s an idea.” Ron Host passes around earplugs so that they can barely hear Nana. “Now as I was saying…”

“What?” Everyone but Nana asks.

“I didn’t catch that.” Responds Ron Host.

“Do you look-a fat?” Asks Mario, “No, not-a really.”

“What did you say?” Shouts Ron Host.

Mewtwo, who is in the jury, getting annoyed and thus he shouts in everyone’s minds, “Let’s just start the voting!”


People who can be voted off: Mario, Zelda, Link, Pikachu, Ness, Nana or Peach.

NOTE: Luigi cannot be voted off since he won the immunity challenge.

Note 2: The jury has changed. They will now judge on the characters attitude when they/someone else is voted off. Althrought, it won't change the votes.
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Zorvi2 on Sun Oct 14, 2007 5:22 am

Nice story there, man. Hopefully, Nana will stay.
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Post  Captain_Conker06 on Sun Oct 14, 2007 6:48 pm

Characters voted off:


SSMB: Survivor Outback! Kirby

Captain Falcon:

SSMB: Survivor Outback! Captainfalcon


SSMB: Survivor Outback! Bowser

Fox McCloud:

SSMB: Survivor Outback! Scr_167


SSMB: Survivor Outback! Yoshi

Donkey Kong:

SSMB: Survivor Outback! Dk


SSMB: Survivor Outback! Popo

Who will leave next? See right now!

Chapter 10: Days 25 to 27

Night 24: Clan Council

Ron Host comes back in still wearing the earplugs. “Alright, it’s time to tally the votes.”

Everyone but Nana suddenly shouts “WHAT!”

Ron Host responds, “I can’t hear you!”


-Several minutes later-

Ron Host finally breaks it up. “I’ll just read out the votes.”

“WHAT!” Everyone shouts.

Ron Host finally notions for everyone to take out their earplugs. “Anyways, the first vote is from Weldar. He decided to get rid of...... Pikachu, the 2nd vote is from Zorvi2, he was originally planning on getting rid of Pikachu, but decided to change his vote to Nana. The 3rd vote is from Saint Jimmy, he decided to vote off Mario. Now, the last vote (a dramatic tension goes around everyone with a vote) from Princess Midna, she votes off......... Nana. Well, the tribe has spoken"

“Wait…” Nana speaks up, “So I’m leaving.”

“Yep” Responds Ron Host.

“YEAH!” Nana runs down the walk of shame quite happily, as ironic as that sounds.

“Well, uh, back to camp everyone.” Everyone leaves.

Nana’s final words, “Yes! I get to go see Popo! I get to go see Popo! I get to go see Popo! I get to go see Popo! I get to go see Popo! Yeah! I’m so happy!”

Day 25: Nintendo

Zelda, to the camera, “Oh geez, it’s been weeks since I had my medicine that keeps me calm. Lately it’s been getting harder to keep calm.”

Pikachu, to the camera, “Nana sure was happy. Nana, Popo, and me were such good friends.”

Peach, to the camera, “Samus and I decided to take a break and treat Zelda to a nice bath at the hot spring.”

The three females are indeed relaxing at the hot spring.

“Aaaahhh. This is the best way to calm down around here.” Notes Zelda.

“You know girls, compared to the men, we’re outnumbered.” Says Peach.

“You’re right.” Agree Samus “I don’t have a problem with anyone in particular right now but…”

“We should form an alliance, the three of us.” Suggests Zelda.

“Yes.” Says Peach.

“I’m in.” Says Samus.

Link and Mario are out hunting again, while everyone else is fishing.

Link and Mario are sitting down for a minute, swapping stories about their clan at the beginning of the game.

“He ate all of it! Really?” Asks Link trying to keep from laughing.

“Yes. Kirby was-a the first-a one to go because of-a that.” Responds Mario.

“Well, as you may have guessed, C. Falcon and Fox didn’t make things easy around the camp for a while. Seriously, they really made things a real headache.”

“Say-a what happened-a to-a Yoshi?”

“Well, Yoshi was getting on everyone else’s nerves since he wouldn’t stop talking about guacamole.”

“I-a see. You know something else-a?”


“Bowser was as much of a nuisance as-a Fox and C. Falcon. At least in-a Nintendogeek01’s opinion.”

“Oh yeah, the author.”

“Anyways, Bowser always-a got hit in the head with-a something.”

This conversation goes on for a while. So we’ll just look in on Luigi, Ness, and Pikachu.


“No, I haven’t caught anything.” Says Ness. “Any luck Lu… hey were did he go?”

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” You can see Luigi being pulled across the water by a giant fish.


“Yeah, that does look fun.” Agreed Ness.

Day 26: Nintendo

It is raining and thundering outside. No, not because of Pikachu this time, it’s because…

A few minutes earlier.

“Ah great.” Whined Peach.

“Hm? What-a is it?” Asked Mario

“My dress snagged on to these thorns.”

“That dress was in-a pretty bad-a shape to begin-a with.”

“I know, but it’s not fair that the author is ruining my dress.”

“Oh no!” Then the storm starts up.

Back at Smash Mansion. Bowser is complaining to Master Hand.

“It’s not fair! I make fun of the author and I get hit in the head, how come Peach gets a little wet before finding shelter.” Complains Bowser.

“Well maybe the author just doesn’t like you.” Points out Master Hand.

“Prove it.” So I make a pillar in the room fall on top of Bowser. “Ugh, this… is… heavy… can’t… feel… torso.”

Back at the cave.

“Please make the rain stop author.” Begs Peach.

“Give it up Peach.” Says Ness. “The powers-that-be are pure evil you know.” An ember from the fire then flies over and hits Ness in the seat of his pants. “Ouch! Alright I’m sorry.”

Link then notices something. “Hey, where’s Pikachu.”

Samus answers his question. “Don’t you know. All species of Pikachu love thunderous weather conditions.”

“Thunda-what?” Link is confused by her use of large vocabulary. Hey, when you’re raised in a forest, your vocabulary can’t be that great. Even if he was taught how to read before he arrived here.

“Never mind that.” Says Samus. “We can talk about your Abnormally low vocabulary efficiency later.”

“Abnor-huh? Effeci-what?”

Zelda is having a hard time keeping relaxed now and is sitting in a corner all by herself. While Luigi is screaming at every strike of thunder. Pikachu on the other hand…

“Pika, Pika, Pika, Pikachu!” Everyone in the cave can hear his screams of happiness.

Day 27: Nintendo

Samus retrieves the tree mail and reads it. “Balance and skill will win the day, or else you may have to go away.”

“I wonder what we have to do.” Wonders Peach.

“Only one-a way to find-a out.” Says Mario

The clan heads for the beach to meet up with Ron Host. “Welcome Survivors. To… actually, I’m not sure what to call it. Well anyways, in this challenge, you’ll be on top of these platforms floating in the water. You’ll also be given these bludgeoning staves to beat your clan-mates senseless.” Everyone snaps to attention upon hearing this.

Mario, to the camera, “If only Bowser was-a still here for a this challenge.”

Samus, to the camera, “If only C. Falcon or Fox was here for this challenge.”

Ron Host continues, “To ensure the safety of our contestants though, the staves are padded so that you shouldn’t be able to do any physical harm. We also put up a small barrier in the water to make sure the platforms don’t float out to sea. The last one standing wins. Luigi, the talisman.” Luigi hands over the talisman and they all hop on to a platform and float outward. “I would like to say the winner not only gets the immunity talisman, but they also get to choose who they would like to beat up out of these three.” Ron Host points to three posts in the water where Bowser, C. Falcon, and Fox, had been taken from Smash Mansion and tied up.

“Oh, come on!” Complains Bowser. “I just got a pillar off of me and now I have to get beaten up.”

“You know, you might not get beaten up.” Points out C. Falcon.

“If a former Katari member wins, it’s going to be me or that moron over there.” Fox says looking at C. Falcon.

At this point, everyone wants to win so they could beat up whom they hated the most. Ron Host finally says. “Survivors ready… GO!”

Everyone uses their padded staff to steer towards their desired target. Pikachu decides to go from the weakest to the strongest. “I have you now Luigi!” it effortlessly knocks off Luigi.

“OUCH!" He shouts before splashing.

“Luigi is out!” Declares Ron Host.

Mario decides to conserve his strength and not pursue anyone. Peach and Luigi go at it next. Finally, Zelda overpowers Peach after finally getting the stomach to do it.

“Sorry.” She says.

“Oh, it’s fine.” Says Peach. That’s when Link comes up behind Zelda and knocks her off before Zelda knows what hit her.

“Shows you not to let your guard down Zelda!” Says Link.

Samus attacks Mario and they go at it until Mario comes out on top.

“I have to admit, that was impressive.” Says Samus.

“You weren’t-a so bad yourself-a.” Says Mario. He begins to make his way toward the other contestants.

Pikachu just took out Ness. Link begins to go at it with Pikachu.

“You’re going down.” Says Link.

“PIKA PIKA!" Pikachu retorts.

Mario waits until they’re both exhausted before going in and taking out Link.

“Uwaaaa!” Shouts Link as he falls in.

“It’s-a just you and-a me now Pikachu!” Declares Mario.

“PIKA PIKA!" Says Pikachu. Despite Pikachu’s fatigue, He and Mario appear to be evenly matched. Mario takes a thrust and Pikachu narrowly blocks it and catches Mario off-guard and takes a sideswipe at Mario and finally knock him off.

“Mama-mia, good match.” Says Mario.

“Pika PIKA!" Says Pikachu

“Pikachu wins! It looks like Luigi’ reign of immunity is over.” Declares Ron Host. “Before I give you the immunity talisman, paddle over there and pick who you want to beat senseless, without the padding on you staff.” Says Ron Host.

“Did he just say without?” Asks Bowser. Pikachu paddles over to the post Bowser is tied to and beats Bowser in to submission.

Ron Host hands Pikachu the immunity talisman. “I’ll see you all tonight at clan council.”

Pikachu, to the camera, “I’m very proud of winning for the first time. Now I'm in the next round. Wooho!

Luigi, to the camera, “Now is the-a time to-a vote off Peach, since she's the only one without having a vote atleast once. I just-a hope she-a hasn’t made any alliances, otherwise-a that could be-a bad.”

Bowser is back at Smash Mansion in terrible shape. Pichu is trying to comfort him.

“Back of squirt.” Says Bowser quite rudely.

Pichu is quite offended by this. “Piiiiichuuuuu!” He zaps Bowser in to a state of paralysis.

Night 27: Clan Council

The clan files in, and so does the jury. Ron Host greets them as always.

“ Welcome survivors. Ness, how do you feel things are going at the camp?”

“Well, a whole lot better than when it was two clans. That’s for sure.” Responds Ness.

“One more question,” says Ron Host. “Does anyone feel particularly vulnerable tonight? Everyone is silent.

“I guess not. It’s time to vote!”


People who can be voted off: Mario, Zelda, Link, Luigi, Ness, or Peach.

NOTE: Pikachu cannot be voted off since he won the immunity challenge.

NOTE: I was originaly planning on doing something. But I scraped the idea.
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Great story I love. Still another question relating to the title, whats with the the outback bit on the end, is it supposed to be set in the outback, cuase it sounds more like a tropical islnd to me
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