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Post  Captain_Conker06 on Tue Oct 16, 2007 12:00 am

People voted off:


Night 27: Clan Council

Ron Host reappears with the voting jar. “ I’ll read them out.” All the survivors, especially Zelda is tensed up. “First vote, from Zorvi2.... he decided to get rid of Peach, Twlight Marci voted off Peach aswell, then we have Princess Midna's vote, to get rid of Luigi, Saint Jimmy voted ofr Luigi too and now..... (camera moves to Luigi and Peach dramaticly) the last vote vote........... from Weldar, he decided to vote off.... Peach!

“What?” Peach is a little bewildered.

Everyone is quite confused at this. “Peach. The tribe, has spoken.” He snuffs out Peach’s torch. Peach takes the walk of shame. “Well everyone, back to camp.” Everyone leaves.

Peach’s final words: “Wow? Me voted off? That was strange. I tought Luigi would go because he had many votes in the last councils. Oh well, I did my best."

Day 28: Nintendo

Ness, to the camera, “ I didn’t think anyone else would vote for her.”

Mario, to the camera, “I won’t-a follow Nana’s example. However, I will-a try harder to win for-a Peach’s sake.”

Luigi, to the camera , “I'm-a getting nervous. All the-a time I'm-a nearly voted off. Seems-a like this plumber won't-a stay for long"

Zelda is talking with Samus. “This is strange,” Zelda said, “We only just now formed our alliance and one of us already left. What if I’m next? What if I’m next?”

“ZELDA!” Samus smacks Zelda’s face. “Sorry about that, but you need to get a grip.”

“You’re right.” Agreed Zelda. “I just need to breathe deeply, and relax.” She starts to breathe deep and relax when…

“AAAAAAAHHHHH!” Came Luigi’s screams.

“AAAAHHH!” Zelda suddenly became tensed up. Samus goes to confront Luigi.

“Luigi!” Shouts Samus.

“AAAAAAAHHH!” Screamed Luigi again.

“What was that all about?” She asked demandingly. “Zelda is trying to relax!”

“Sorry…” Responded Luigi meekly. “But…”

“No buts!” Samus shouts before storming off.

“Mama-mia.” He said before collapsing.

Pikachu, to the camera translated. “Okay, I scared Luigi, but it sure was fun. Although I may be shooting myself in the foot if I keep that up.”

Link, to the camera, “ I just now realized I haven’t spoken a word since the last chapter. Uhhhh… never mind.”

Day 29: Nintendo

Ness is talking to Luigi. “You know Luigi, maybe you just need to calm down.”

“How?” Asked Luigi.

“Try breathing in through your nose, and out through your mouth.” Ness suggested. Luigi gives this a try and…

“AAAAAHHH! I thought I saw a ghost!” Shouted Luigi.


Elsewhere, Mario, Link, Samus, and Pikachu were discussing something.

“Want to-a play rock paper scissors-a?” Suggested Mario.


“Nah, we do that all the time Pikachu.” Said Link.

“Want to make fun of nintendogeek01?” Suggested Samus. A wave of water comes and splashes Samus while everyone else somehow stayed dry. “I was just kidding.” She said.

Day 30: Nintendo.

Mario checks the mailbox. “Tree-a mail!”

“I’ll read it.” Volunteered Ness. “Having trouble getting along? To win this challenge, your aim must be strong.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Asked Zelda, “Those rhymes had nothing to do with each other?”

Link tries to calm her down. “Well, let’s just go find out.”

The clan heads towards a beach area where elaborate cardboard cutouts of each character with three plates hanging from the cutouts. “Welcome survivors.” Said Ron Host as always, “To your next immunity challenge. Here, you’ll be given these slingshots and you’ll all take turns shooting at the plates. Consider this your way of getting back at certain clan mates.” Everyone snaps to attention at this, like with the last challenge. “If all three plates are eliminated from one specific cutout, the corresponding player is out.”

Link, to the camera, “Alright, I’m decent with a slingshot.”

Samus, to the camera, “I’m a good marksman, although a slingshot is going to take some work.”

Ness, to the camera, “Yes! I have a lot of experience with slingshots.”

Ron Host continues. “Survivors ready… GO!”

Pikachu can’t even hold his properly so he misses. Ness hits one of Samus’ plates, Samus hits one of Ness’ plates in retaliation, Link only chips one of Mario’s plates. Luigi and Mario miss. Zelda hits another of Ness’ plates. Next round, Pikachu has the same luck, Ness attacks Pikachu’s plates and destroys one. Samus finishes off Ness. “Aw crud, I’m out.” He said. Link tries at Mario’s again and destroys one, Luigi misses again, Mario hits one of Link’s plates, and Zelda hits another of Pikachu’s plates. Pikachu is once again unsuccessful, Samus hits one of Luigi’s, Link finishes off Pikachu, Mario misses, and Luigi actually hits one of Zelda’s. “Pika Pika!”

“No, these challenges are not species biased.” Responds Ron Host.

Everyone is at two plates each, for some reason, everyone aims at Samus and Luigi’s plates and succeeds in the next two rounds. Soon it’s down to Mario-one plate left, Zelda, one and a half plates left, and Link with two plates left. Link finishes off Mario, and Zelda knocks out one of Link’s plates. “Free-for-all round!” Shouts Ron Host. Link and Zelda fire and reload as fast as possible without aiming as much until…

“The winner is… ZELDA!” Declares Ron Host. Pikachu gives the immunity talisman to Ron forgot to ask for to Zelda. “I’ll see you all at clan council tonight.”

Pikachu, to the camera translated, “I’m doomed, nobody likes the little yellow mouse around this camp. This game is species biased.”

Mario, to the camera, “Pikachu is-a little worried. I don’t-a think he has-a anything to-a worry about.”

Night 30: Clan Council

The survivors, and the jury, file in, as usual. Ron Host is waiting for them as always. “Hello survivors and jury. How did the challenge go for you guys?”


“I thought it was good.” Said Link.

“It was a good way to vent out frustration with a few clan members.” Said Samus.

“It would have been more fun if we could slingshot Bowser in to submission though.” Said Ness.

“The author thought you might say that.” Said Ron Host. “So we flew Bowser over here, and tied him to a post right here.” And indeed, Bowser was tied to a pole next to the jury’s seats.

“What is the author’s beef with me?” Asked Bowser.

“Now vote, and then you can bombard Bowser with slingshot pellets.” Everyone quickly grabs a slingshot to fire at Bowser. And due to some supernatural force, even Pikachu’s slingshot pellets are connecting with Bowser’s face.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!”


People who can be voted off: Mario, Luigi, Ness, Pikachu, Samus, or Link. Who will be eliminated? You decide!

Note: Zelda canot be voted off because she won the immunity challenge.
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Post  Zorvi2 on Tue Oct 16, 2007 12:29 am

Good job, bro. Continue the good work.

Also, YES!!! Peach is gone!
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Post  Princess Midna on Tue Oct 16, 2007 2:45 am this means ur not the author?
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Post  Captain_Conker06 on Tue Oct 16, 2007 2:51 am

Nope, Nintendogeek01 is me. XD

Anyway, where's your vote?
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Post  Chaotic on Tue Oct 16, 2007 7:49 am

I havn't voted in a few chapters but I will get mine in now. It's getting near the end...

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Post  Captain_Conker06 on Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:52 pm

Chapter 12: Days 31 to 33

Night 30: Clan Council

Ron Host walks in with the voting jar… as always. “The votes are in… as always. Anyways, First vote… from Weldar, he decided to get rid of Pikachu.... 2nd vote from Zorvi2, he decided to get rid of Pikachu too.... 3rd vote from Twilight Marci, he to decided to get rid of Pikachu, the 3rd vote from Chaotic... he decided to get rid of... Luigi!, the 5th vote.... from Quill9, he decided to get rid of.... Link! and the last vote.... Hold on a minute…” Ron Host said suddenly.

The contestants and the jury are quite confused at this.

“Who’s-a going?” Asked Luigi quite nervously.

“I just got a wierd vote. So you all have to wait here until I come back.” Everyone just stares at Ron Host in disbelief. “Remember, the Jury can’t interact with anyone, and no one is allowed to read the last vote until I get back.”

“Hey! What about me?” Asked a considerably beaten up Bowser asked.

“Oh, the author doesn’t care about you, so you’ll have to wait here too.”


“Oh, and if anyone tries to read the vote.” Ron Host warns. “You’ll be frozen once you touch the vote and try to read it.” Ron Host leaves.

-2 hours later-

Bowser speaks up. “Come on. Untie me already.”

Mario answers. “No.”

“Come on. Please.”

Samus answers. “No.”


“Pikachuuuuuu!” Pikachu zaps him.

-Another 2 hours later-

Ron Host finally reappears. “Okay! I’m back.”

“What took you so long?” Asked Link.

“Hey, we’re in the Outback. It’s hard to get from here to there that quickly.” Ron Host explained.

“That’s just an excuse!” Accused Ness.

“Anyways, the last vote is from Saint Jimmy, he decided to get rid off.... A Italien? Um.... ok? I need a name, man. So the vote is cancelled! So yeah... Pikachu.” Ron Host says. Pikachu starts to cry. “Sorry . The tribe has spoken.” Says Ron Host while snuffing out Pikachu’s torch. Now Pikachu really is crying. “However.” Ron Host suddenly said. Pikachu perks up a little bit. “Since you are the authors favorite pokemon. The author decided to award you with this!” A miniature scooter is revealed.

“PIKA!” He screamed happily.

“That’s right Pikachu. It’s electrically powered and it’s very fast. And our very own author had it custom made so that you could drive it easily.”


“Your Welcome.” Came a giant voice.

“Hey! What about me?” Asked Bowser.

“Oh, don’t worry Bowser. The author has something for you too.” Assured Ron Host.

“Well give it to me then.” Bowser demanded.

“Alright, you asked for it.” Said Ron Host. A safe filled with cement falls on top of Bowser. “Anyways. Have fun Pikachu.” Ron Host said as Pikachu took the walk of shame with his new scooter. “Back to camp everyone.” Ron Host said as the six remaining survivors left for their campsite.

Pikachu’s final words translated: “Yay! I got a shiny yellow scooter! Thank you Nintendo...


"Sorry, thanks Captain Conker!!! He said chantely.

Day 31: Nintendo

Mario, to the camera, “Luigi is-a still worried about last-a night. But-a then again, who wouldn’t-a be?”

Link, to the camera, “Well Pikachu was the last one here who couldn’t speak English. I can’t believe I just noticed that.”

Ness, to the camera, “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the author liked Pikachu considering the fan base that little yellow mouse has.”

Zelda is off by herself having a nervous breakdown. “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.”

Samus walks in on her. “Zelda. What could possibly be troubling you now?”

Zelda answers. “I think I’m going nuts. I thought I saw a scooter last night.”

“You did.”

“A-a-and I thought I saw Luigi being pulled across the water by a giant fish this morning.”

“You did. And he’s still being pulled.” Samus noted.

“HEEEEEELLLLP!” Came Luigi’s screams for help.

“And I thought I heard that bush laughing!” Shouted Zelda.

“You d—hang on a minute.” Samus walks over to that bush Zelda was screaming about and pulls Ness out from it.

“Uh… I can explain.” Says Ness. Samus quickly knocks him unconscious.


“Boy, Luigi has been doing a good job at finding fish lately.” Pointed out Link.

“Mm-hm.” Agreed Mario.

“HEEEELLLLLP!” Shouted Luigi.

“Hang on-a Luigi!” Shouted Mario, who swam out to see to help him with the fish incident.

“Jeez, you guys get all the fun.” Said Link.

Day 32: Nintendo.

Zelda, to the camera, “I must be going nuts. I went to look at the tree mailbox just for the heck of it. And I thought I saw our immunity challenge notice.”

Zelda is now back at the campsite. “Samus, you have to help me out.”

Samus tries to console her. “Now hold on, just breath deeply and tell me what’s wrong.”

“I thought I saw our immunity challenge notice. Oh I must be going nuts. It’s too early for that.” Whined Zelda.

Samus sighed. “Link, could you just go check that mailbox and… Link?”

Link walks up to everyone totally unaware of what’s going on. “Hey guys. You’re not going to believe this. But we have a notice for our immunity challenge today.”

“AAAAHHH! I am going nuts. There’s no way!” Shouted Zelda.

Samus smacks Zelda across the face. “Zelda! Get a grip!”

Link decides to ignore them while everyone else heads over to his position to hear the rhyme. “Ah-hem! “The early notice may have left you in a haze, well too bad, it’s time to hit the maze.” Didn’t we already do a maze challenge?”

“Well-a maybe they added a twist-a to it.” Said Mario.

“Well let’s go already.” Said Ness impatiently.

The survivors head out for the same spot in the forest that they had their first immunity challenge in the whole game. Where Ron Host is waiting for them. “Hey guys. I suppose you’re wondering what the heck you’re doing here a day early.” Everyone nods. “Well, I decided to change the format of the game for the heck of it. Since you guys have been getting increasingly boring in the days between the immunity challenge. And besides, you now have an extra day to torment yourself between the challenge and the clan council so that the suspense gets to you and makes you fold under pressure.” Said Ron Host.

“Does the author know about this?” Asked Samus.

“He probably does know, even if I didn’t tell him that.”

“You know, you’re about as evil as the author is.” Said Ness, as another coconut struck him in the head. “Ow!”

“Ah well, the audience will never know. We can just edit this out later. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!” Ron Host said maniacally. “Anyways. We have taken the maze from the beginning of the challenge and used more major deforestation to make it even bigger and more confusing. Unlike the last challenge, you have to make it to the other side of the maze to win the immunity challenge. And you can’t help anybody. Also, who ever wins is CONFIRMED in the final 5!.” All the survivors take their places at the six entrances to the maze. “Oh yeah, Zelda, the talisman.” Zelda hands over the talisman. “Watch out for the traps.”

“Wait. Did he-a just say there-a were traps?” Asked Luigi.

“Survivors ready… GO!” Everyone takes off.

Mario decides to try the age-old right hand trick and follow the forest path likewise and turn around every time he came across a dead-end. This was working out all right until… “Mama-mia! A boulder-a!” A giant boulder came out of nowhere and began to chase him around until he got away. “Whew. Oh-no. Where-a am I?”

Ness who is now too hungry to use his psychic powers effectively is having less success. “Man, this stinks.”

Samus is doing just as well as Mario until. “Whoa! Ugh, a deer trap.” Indeed. Samus stepped in to a loop in a vine and was now being suspended by her leg. “Jeez, Zelda must be a wreck right now.”

And Zelda… “Ahhh,” Wait what? She’s actually doing okay. “For some reason, walking through this forest is relaxing.” Hmm, well that was a surprise. Anyways…

Link is running through the jungle cautiously and doing a decent job of avoiding traps. “Whoa, pit!” He jumps over it. “Whew, after that, I don’t think anything could surprise me now.” He took one step and immediately fell in to another pit. “Crud.”

“AAAAAAAAHHHH!” You can guess who that was. Luigi was running from a shadow that he saw hanging in the trees. “Mama-mia!” Luigi began running from some voice he heard below the ground. “AAAAAAAHHHH!” Luigi then ran from some boulder he thought would chase him. What he failed to realize was that boulder had already crashed.

Outside the maze…

“Jeez, they’re taking longer than I thought they would.” Ron Host said as Luigi came running out of the maze still screaming. “Congratulations Luigi! You’ve won the challenge!” Declared Ron Host.

“I did?” Asked Luigi as he received the talisman.

Mario then suddenly appeared from the maze. “Hey-a Luigi! I thought I-a heard you-a screaming near the area I-a ran away from some-a boulder.”

Ness and Zelda appeared.

Zelda all of a sudden snapped out of her relaxed state of mind. “Oh-no! I lost? What if I’m next? What if I’m next?”

Samus finally came out of the maze. “Say, Luigi. In the maze you looked at me hanging from the trees before you ran off screaming.” Said Samus.

“Oh, that-a was you?” He asked.

“Hey, Luigi!” Came Link’s voice.

“AAAAAAHHHH! The ghost I heard in the maze!”

“Oh, so that was you screaming nearby.” Said Link.

“Well Luigi.” Said Ron Host. “It seems your fear actually won you the challenge today and your confirmed in the FINAL 5!. I’ll see you all at clan council tomorrow night.” Ron Host walked off.

Day 33: Nintendo

Samus, to the camera, “I kind of needed that win. I’ve won the most challenges so far, and people realize that by now. Surely they’ll eliminate me now while they have the chance.”

Ness, to the camera, “I have grown to get along with Luigi pretty well over this period of time, but honestly, he was the last person I expected to win TWO immunity challenges ALONE.”

Everyone is in the cave and Zelda is panicking. “Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I don’t know if I can handle this anymore.”

“Zelda, relax.” Said Link.

Link, to the camera, “Samus has been doing a good job of keeping Zelda relaxed. But since it’s unlikely she’ll be around much longer, I guess I’d better get used to it.”

“How can I relax when…” Zelda was about to say when Link interrupted and said.

“Look, I don’t think you’re going anywhere. Nobody has a problem with you, and I know I don’t.” Said Link reassuringly.

“Oh great, Samus is going for surethen.”

“Huh? Weren’t you worried about yourself?”

“I was, until I realized that everyone would have to eliminate the one person who has been relaxing me to have a chance at winning. Oooohh… who’s going to comfort me now.”

Link, to the camera, “Great, I blew it already.”


“You did a good-a job yesterday Luigi.” Said Mario.

“Nah, not-a really.” Luigi said modestly.

“No, you really did do a great job Luigi.” Continued Ness. “You really surprised everyone.”

“Yeah. I-a really did-a didn’t I?” Said Luigi.

Samus comes in. “Hey guys, it’s time to head for Clan Council.”

Night 33: Clan Council

The Nintendo clan files in and has a seat. The jury comes in and has a seat as well. But to everyone’s surprise, Ron Host is nowhere to be seen. All of a sudden, smoke appears and…

“Greetings victims.”

“AAAAAAHHHH! It’s-a the author!” Shouts Luigi.

Zelda is panicking. “Where’s Ron Host?”

I answer. “I fired him after that last stunt of changing the format of the game, even though I like the idea and will continue to use it.”

“Well that’s kind of harsh isn’t it?” Asked Samus.

“Do not doubt my judgment!” I say as a coconut conks Samus in the head. “Okay, I didn’t fire him, I just suspended him from being the host for a little while. He’ll be back in a few more chapters.”

“Oh.” Said Ness disappointingly.

“Now then, I decided to award you guys for coming this far by providing you with some food,” Snaps fingers and delicious food appears in everyone’s laps, “and an entertaining video.”

“What’s-a so entertaining about it?” Asks Mario.

“I guarantee you’ll all like it.” I said as I hit the play button. It is a video clip of Bowser getting zapped by Pikachu and Pichu simultaneously.

“AAAARRRRGGHH! Whhyyy arrree yoouuu zaaaappppinnng meeee!” Asked Bowser on the clip. All the survivors and the jury are applauding the events in the video.

When the video ends. I speak up. “Okay, now it’s time to vote.”


People who can be voted off: Mario, Ness, Zelda, Samus, Link. Who will not make it to the final 5? You decide.

Note: The next chapter will have a goody surprise for you voters

Note #2: Obviously, Luigi cannot be voted off since he won the immunity challenge.
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Post  Weldar on Wed Oct 17, 2007 12:07 am

Yes Pikachu is gone Very Happy , I hate that guy Twisted Evil
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Post  Chaotic on Wed Oct 17, 2007 1:00 am

The decisions arwe gettibg harder, but I think my vote will go off. I'm not very confident though.

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Post  Captain_Conker06 on Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:09 am

Chapter 13: Days 34 to 36

After everyone has voted, I stand still and refuse to go for the voting jar.

“Aren’t you-a going to-a look at the jar?” Asked Mario.

“Are you questioning my judgment Mario?” I ask as thunder strikes.

“No…” He said meekly.

“Let’s see…” I stand still for a minute while looking at the voting jar. “One vote was cancelled due to hatred. So it won't count. Anyway, we still have FOUR other votes to read out, so yeah... first vote from Weldar, he decided to get rid of Zelda (Camera flashes to a nervous Zelda) 2nd vote, from Zorvi2, he decided to get rid of... Samus (camera flashes to a confused Samus.) The 3rd vote from Chaotic, he decided to get rid of Ness. (Camera flashes to a cool Ness.) and the last vote (camera flashes to everyone with a vote) from Saint Jimmy, he decided to get rid of...... Mario.

“Wait a minute!” Shouted Zelda suddenly. “Its a tie? OH NO!"

“I see. Everyone except for Link and Luigi stand forward.” I said. (Everyone steps except the ones not to stand forward) Your challenge is throw this baseball the farthest you can. Who ever has the tiniest score.... leaves. Now, here's a baseball bat for all of you"

Ness, to camera: "Obviously, this is a easy challenge for me"

Mario, to camera: "Mama-mia. Seems-a like-a this baseball-a training was-a worth it-a"

Samus, to camera: "This is the first time I heard about this item"

Zelda, to camera: (Nervous) "I knew I was going to go! I KNEW IT!"

(Baseball field)

"Ness, your up first!" Captain Conker throws the baseball to Ness who hits the ball... "450 m!", Mario hit a "356m", Samus hit a "120m" and Zelda did a "121m" throw.

"Oh no!" said Samus shockingly.

"WHAT?! Samus does not deserve to go, I do" said Zelda.

“Ah-hem!” I interrupt. “No further interaction. Samus, the tribe and your lack of batting has spoken.” I snuff out Samus’ torch. Samus sighed and took the walk of shame. “Oh yeah, your suit should be back at the mansion.” I shout to her. “Anyways, it’s time to head back to camp everyone.” The five remaining survivors head off towards their camp.

Day 34: Nintendo

Zelda, to the camera, “Oh no, Oh no, Oh no, Oh no. What am I going to do now that Samus is gone.”

Mario, to the camera, “Mama-mia, I’m the only Utaku member-a left, Zelda is-a going nuts, and now the-a author has-a taken direct control of-a the game.”

Ness, to the camera, “Alright. We are getting close to the final four, but one of us has to go soon. It’s time to buckle down, and get focused on the objective. Which is winning the one-million dollar prize.”

Everyone is eating around the campfire. They are all thinking about how long they have been out here, how many people have been eliminated, and how they would like it if Zelda would stop rocking back and forth nervously.

“Zelda, come on. It’s not as bad as you think.” Link said.

“It’s not?” Asked Zelda.

“No, of course not.” Said Link, relieved that he was getting somewhere.

“You know what? You’re right…” Said Zelda, “It’s worse!” She suddenly shouted and continued to rock back and forth nervously.

“This is beginning to drive me crazy.” Said Ness.

Luigi, to the camera, “Mama-mia, she’s-a more tense-a than I am.”

Mario then speaks up. “I’m-a going hunting.”

Link is quick to stand up. “I think I’ll join you.”

“Want to go fishing Luigi?” Asked Ness.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” He shouted before running away.

“Well it’s not like that fish is going to get you again.” Ness said.

Luigi went deep in to the woods. “Whew, I think I’m-a safe here.” He said. All of a sudden, a baby bear appeared and nudged against Luigi’s leg. “Oh hey there-a little guy.” The baby squealed and large number of adult bears appeared and stared at Luigi. “Oh no. AAAAAAAAHHHHH!” Luigi began to run away as fast as his legs could carry him.

“Hey look Mario, Luigi hit the jackpot.” Link said.

“We’re-a going to-a eat well tonight.” Said Mario.


Zelda was just staring at the water when…

“Whoooooaaaaaa! Heeeeeellllllp!” Came Ness, because apparently, Luigi’s fish had found someone else to mess with.

Zelda was just watching this spectacle. “I really am going nuts. Ness shouldn’t be skiing.”

Day 35: Nintendo

Ness goes to check the mailbox. “Tree mail!” Everyone arrives at the mailbox to hear the rhyme for today’s challenge. Ness continues to read the letter. “There is no hint for the challenge just so you know, but go towards the woods so we can continue the show.”

“Obviously running out of ideas for rhymes.” Noted Link.

“Oh well.” Said Ness. “Let’s go.”

“Wait a minute-a.” Said Luigi.

“Don’t-a worry, you won’t-a get-a chased by bears-a.” Said Mario.

The clan heads towards the immunity challenge area. When they arrive, a large mud pit could be seen and that was about it.

“I bet the authors going to appear in a puff of smoke.” Said Ness. No sooner had he said that, a thick cloud of smoke appeared and instead of me being there. It appeared to be a black mage from the Final Fantasy series standing there. He had a dark green jacket with blue gloves and blue shoes. The eyes also seemed to let off a light blue glow. Although the gray hat made it impossible to see the rest of his face.

“Cough, cough. Hey Captain Conker, a little too much smoke there.” He saw the other survivors staring at him.

“Oh dear, oh dear. I’m starting to hallucinate strange little men.” Said Zelda.

“You’re-a not hallucinating.” Assured Mario. “So who are you?” He asked.

“I’m black mage Jr.” He said. “I’ve been the number one fan of this story.”

“Fan?” Asked Link.

“Never mind. I’m the stand-in host for now. So listen up.” Black mage jr. continued. “This is a basic tug-o-war challenge. You’ll draw names from this hat.” He pulls a hat out of thin air. “To see who faces who. We’ll be doing this tournament style and one of you will automatically get to face off against the winner of the first two rounds.” Everyone draws from the hat. Link got to pass to the last round. Mario was to face off against Luigi, and Ness was to pull with Zelda. “You win once you pull your opponent in to the mud pit. Okay, Luigi, the talisman.” Luigi hands over the talisman and heads to one end of the pit while Mario headed to the other. “Survivors ready… GO!”

Luigi began to pull, but he knew he couldn’t beat his brother so he gave up ahead of time and allowed himself to be pulled in to the pit. “Luigi, you can-a do better than-a that.” Said Mario.

Luigi just walked out of the pit covered in mud. Link watched this while stretching and getting ready for his round. Next were Zelda (as Sheik.) and Ness. Sheik obviously won that bout. “Man, I always seem to get screwed over by these challenges.” Complained Ness.

Next was the match up between Mario and Sheik. Both of them were pulling for a long time and after a while, both were showing signs of fatigue. However Sheik… “Oh no, I’m going to lose, I know it.” And obviously her nervousness was her downfall, she got pulled in to the pit at long last.

It was now the final round. Link was pretty confident seeing that Mario’s strength was about equal to Sheik’s, and he knew he could overpower Sheik. Link gave a quick hard pull. However Mario stood his ground quite well. So the tug-o-war match went on for a long time, both of them showing no signs of easing up on the rope. “So, you were holding back in your two matches weren’t you?” Asked Link.

“You bet-a.” Said Mario.

“Jeez, didn’t think I’d have to be here this long.” Muttered black mage Jr. “I think I have time to add something that’s missing from this chapter though…” he suddenly disappeared.

Back at Smash Mansion.

Bowser was taking a walk. “Ah, it’s so nice to not have to be attacked by anything for once.” Bowser said.

“ULTIMA!” Came a voice Bowser hadn’t heard before. All of a sudden, this gigantic sphere of light appeared around Bowser and the next thing he knew.


Came his screens of pain.

“Nice one.” I complimented.

“No problem.” He said before disappearing.

Back at the challenge…

Black Mage Jr. reappeared to see Mario and Link still going strong. Finally Mario shouted to Link. “You’re skills are-a proficient.” Said Mario.

Link became confused at this word. “What does that mea-WHOA!” Distracted by his lack of vocabulary skills, Link was pulled in to the pit. Mario decided to jump in to the pit and help him out. “Sorry about-a that.” He said as he helped Link get up.

“Eh, this had to end sometime.” Link Said.

“Finally, Mario wins!” Shouted BMJ. He handed Mario the immunity talisman. “I’ll see you all tomorrow night at clan council.”

Link, to the camera, “I have to say, Mario is a pretty big threat. He’s got decent strength, he’s cunning, I’ve got to keep an eye on him.”

Day 36: Nintendo

Mario, to the camera, “I-a really didn’t want to-a have to trick Link to-a get the win-a. But, in this-a game, you have to-a do what you-a have to do.”

Link, to the camera, “I’ve got to keep my guard up. I’m pretty sure that I’m safe during this clan council. However, the number of contestants is getting pretty slim, so I may just get picked to go just because everyone else wants to win the game.”

Zelda, to the camera, “I still think I was hallucinating that strange little man.”

Luigi, to the camera, “I’m not-a sure how this is-a going to turn-a out.”

Ness, to the camera, “I’m beginning to feel like I’m being singled out in these challenges.”

Back at smash mansion.

Bowser, in the mansion infirmary to the camera, “I would like to know who was responsible for doing this to me. I still hate the author so much.” Oh so that’s how it is huh?

I appear in front of Bowser and I put on a fire shield, and begin to chant something. “MERTON!”


Night 36: Clan Council

The five remaining survivors file in, as does the jury. Althrought, the jury fell down a pit. And finally BMJ walks in. “Alright survivors we decided to change the juries.... we have now.... the voters in there seats, ladies and gentleman meet.... Weldar, Saint Jimmy, Chaotic, Twilight Marci, Quill9 and Zorvi2! *a large applause came* Also, you are this close to the final four, and one of you has to go tonight. Anyone feel the pressure.” BMJ asked.

“Can’t take it, can’t take it, can’t take it.” Zelda was muttering to herself.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Said BMJ. “Mario, since you’ve won immunity, how does it feel to know you’re going to be in the final four?”

“Well-a.” Mario thought for a minute. “I’m-a not sure really. It does feel-a good to-a know that I’m-a going to get closer to the-a grand prize.”

“I see then.” Said BMJ. “Well, it’s time to vote for who’s leaving tonight.”


People who can be voted off: Ness, Zelda, Luigi and Link.

Note: Mario CANNOT be voted off since he won the immunity challenge. Also, he made it to the final 4 and only three out of the four listed will make it with him.

Note 2: Yep, the goody was you guys being the jury now. Not only you can vote*with reason, you can now say comments/questions to the few survivors.

Note 3: Huh? Another goody? = Keep on track on the SSBM Outback videos. They will provide news and announcements. That video is just a test. With the characters being voted off-list.

Note 3: ANNOUNCEMENT: A Halloween special will be made WITH the season 1 characters. So yeah.

Note 4: ANNOUNCEMENT #2: A season 2 will be made.
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! - Page 2 Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Zorvi2 on Thu Oct 18, 2007 6:01 am

Geez, man. The final 4 is coming already?! Wow, I'm excited for the next chapter already.

Also, hooray! I'm in the jury. Very Happy
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! - Page 2 Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Captain_Conker06 on Thu Oct 18, 2007 11:51 pm

Chapter 14: The final four.

Night 36: Clan Council.

Everyone had voted, and the voting jar was passed up to Black Mage Jr. “Okay, now, FOUR votes have been casted at this clan council. Weldar, Saint Jimmy, Zorvi2 and Twilight Marci have voted in time. Anyway, lets hear our first vote from Weldar.

"Thanks BMJ. Anyway, I decided to vote off Zelda" said the tall Australian.

Saint Jimmy says: "Luigi gets my vote"

Zorvi2 said: "Zelda gets my vote"

Twilight Marci said: "I vote for Luigi!"

"Hey?! Why didn't you vote off Luigi, dumbass?" asked Saint Jimmy regarding towards Weldar.

"Hey, dude. Its my choice. Leave me alone" replied Weldar.

"Oh yeah? Well, your choice is biased"

The argument went on until...


"Guys stop fighting" said Chaotic when he gave them both a frying pan to the head.

"Thank you Chaotic" said BMJ. He continued: "Anyway, a tie breakdown match. Luigi and Zelda. One of you won't make it to the final 4. Ness, Mario and Link... congratulations. You made it to the final 4!" Mario, Ness and Link cheer of joy. "Anyway, the first one to speak is out. Pure and simple."

Althrought, because Zelda was too nervous. She was the first to speak out: "I'm so freakin' nervous."

“Zelda lost. Zelda, the tribe and has spoken" said BMJ while snuffing out Zelda's torch. “Well, anyways, congratulations to the four of you. You are now in the final four. From here on out, challenges will take place daily, and obviously, being so close to winning the game, the odds of you getting voted out are quite high. After two challenges, it will finally be time to judge who is worthy of being the ultimate survivor by the jury.” Everyone nods his or her head. “Alright then, back to camp, and see you shortly.” As they all stand up Luigi trips, knocks over Link who bumps in to Mario, whose immunity talisman flies off his neck somewhere in to the woods, and crushes Ness.

“Ouch, pain, please get off of me.” Ness said.

“Great, now I have to find the talisman.” Complained Black Mage Jr.

Zelda’s final words: “It was a conspiracy, they all conspired to vote me out. It was so clever that even I fell for it. Oh well, nothing bad could happen to me now.” That’s when the boat she’s on capsizes and she falls off.

Day 37: Nintendo

Luigi, to the camera, “Oh crap-a, crap-a. I'm-a guarenteed next-a. If I don't win-a immunity. I'm-a gone.”

Link, to the camera, “Hopefully, I can go all the way. I mean the coming this far just to lose would be a real shame, and I hope the author’s evilness doesn’t vote me out.” Another coconut falls and it hits Link in the head.

Ness, to the camera, “I can’t believe I actually made it this far. Now nothing can stop me from winning the whole thing. Not even the evil author.” I attempt to make a coconut strike him in the head, but I’ve finally run out of coconuts so I make a random boar from the woods come out and trample him.

Mario, to the camera, as I get something to hit him with ready. “I’ll a just have to go all-a out from here on-a in. I think-a the author deserves-a my thanks-a for letting me come this far.” Wait, I got complimented. Darn what am I going to do with these grenades? Hmmmmmm…

Back at Smash Mansion…

Bowser has locked himself in some random, windowless room. “I think I’m safe here.”


Back at the island…

The clans are just sitting around doing nothing.

“I wonder when we get our notice.” Said Link.

“Who knows.” Responded Ness.

“Do you really think-a the challenges will-a get tougher-a?” Asked Luigi.

Before anyone can answer that, smoke appears and they expect to see either Black Mage Jr. or me, instead they see…

“-cough cough- Jeez Black Mage. You think you could have used any more smoke in that one.” Asked a familiar voice.

“Well it’s not my fault Captain Conker loves the smoke effects too much.”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! It’s Ron Host!” Screams Luigi in fear.

“With Black-a Mage Jr.?” Pondered Mario.

“Yes survivors.” Said Ron Host. “I was warned that I’m still on thin ice for changing the format without consulting the author, so I am allowed to continue the show, but I have to have this guy along too.” He explained with obvious signs of annoyance.

“Hmph. I still think I make a better host than you.” Said Black Mage Jr.

“You do not!” Responded Ron Host.” This goes on for a while, with survivors just standing there while wondering who’s going to win the argument. That is until another puff of smoke appears and…

“AAAAAAAAHHHH! The author!” Everyone screams simultaneously.

“Thank you for that introduction everyone, but I think we all know who I am.” I said. “As for you two,” I said eyeing Ron Host and Black Mage Jr., “I sent you here to tell the survivors their next challenge, not argue over who the better host is.” The two of them shut up and I exit in a dramatic fashion.

“Anyways,” Says Ron Host. “Your next challenge is going to be a multi-challenge.”

“This challenge contains elements from a few of your previous challenges.” Continued Black Mage Jr. “There will be a total of seven events that will be explained as we get to them.”

“And…” Interrupts Ron Host. “There will be a tie-breaker challenge if there just so happens to be a tie between any of you.”

Mario is quite reassured since he has won challenges before. And Link is pretty confident as well since their have been instances where it was because of Samus that he couldn’t win. And she wasn’t here anymore. Ness is feeling okay about this, while Luigi on the other hand is quite nervous about this.

“However, there are a few things to do before we proceed with these challenges.” Said Black Mage Jr. Now everyone is confused. All of sudden, crates falling from the sky on parachutes can be seen.

One of them, labeled “Mario,” Lands at his feet and opens up to reveal spaghetti and meatballs with Parmesan cheese. “Mama-mia.” He says before gouging it.

A crate with Link’s name falls down and opens up to reveal oven-roasted cuckoo meat marinated in Link’s favorite vegetables. “Oh, sweet!”

Ness’ had a serving of three hotdogs with his favorite toppings. “Yes!”

And Luigi’s crate’s parachute suddenly snaps and it falls on top of him. But he comes back out with the same thing Mario’s had. “Oh yeah!”

After everyone has eaten, they are taken to this spot on the beach where wooden sculpture’s of each of the previous survivors was seen.

Ron Host explains. “You are to take these torches, and pick three of the characters on this show you feel like saying something about. And then lighting it on fire as a tribute to them.”

Black Mage Jr. picks up. “Mario, you get to go first.” Mario takes a torch and walks over to the statue of Kirby.

“Kirby.” He said. “Although I wasn’t-a happy with-a you for eating all of our-a food, you still meant-a well, even though your appetite-a won over-a.” He lights the Kirby statue on fire. Next, “Bowser, You were probably-a the biggest-a pain in the neck-a in the short-a time you’ve-a been out-a here.” Mario said before lighting the Bowser statue on fire. “And DK, you were-a strong-a member of Utaku, and really I think-a you should have been allowed to-a stay since you never-a meant anybody any harm-a.” He said before lighting it on fire.

Back at Smash Mansion…

“Pyo!” He said happily.

“Ooo oo oo.” Came some happy oo’s.

“Hmph,” Said a really badly burnt Bowser. “I was better than anyone else there.” He said when DK suddenly got an unexplained urge to punch Bowser in the face as hard as he could. “Ooooooowwww!”

Back at the tribunal…

Link was going next. He walked over to the statue of C. Falcon and said, “C. Falcon, you really didn’t do much for the clan except argue and make things a little less bearable for the other clan mates.” He said before lighting it on fire. “Samus, you were the peacekeeper of sorts in the Katari clan, and you were the strongest contender after the merge.” He then lit the carving on fire. “Zelda, you were wise, and you cared for everyone else, despite your nervous breakdowns recently before you left.” He said before lighting it on fire.

Back at Smash Mansion…

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for that stupid fox I might have been a whole lot better around there.” Complained C. Falcon.

“Give me a break.” Said Samus, “You’re annoying as is.”

“Now Samus,” Said a newly refreshed Zelda, “We don’t know how that competition could have turned out otherwise.”

Back at the tribunal…

Ness has taken a torch and he walked over towards the carving of Fox, “Fox, you were a jerk, a numbskull, and a crybaby, and I grew to hate your guts.” He said quite bluntly before lighting the carving on fire. “Popo, I don’t know how you and I would have gotten along had you stayed, but I could see that you were a caring brother, and you always meant well.” He said before lighting the carving on fire. “Nana, you were an even bigger crybaby than Luigi, but it was your way of showing how much you cared for your brother. Despite how annoying it was.” He said before lighting the carving on fire.

Back at Smash Mansion, again…

“Grrrr… well you’re a little brat!” Shouted Fox at the TV.

“He’s right, I really do care about you Nana.” Said Popo.

“I care about you too.” Responded Nana.

Back at the tribunal, again…

Luigi finally gets to go, even though there is no one else to pick from. “Peach. You really cared-a for everyone else-a and you were a person who everybody could-a grow to like-a.” He said before igniting the carving. “Pikachu. You were-a very mischievous and-a curious. But-a you always liked to-a keep-a things fun-a.” said as he ignited the yadda yadda yadda. “Yoshi, you were-a team-a player, even-a though everyone was-a sick of-a hearing you talk about-a guacamole.” You know the routine.


“Thank you Luigi.” Said Peach.



Back at the island. (Yes, the tribunal’s over! D)

Ron Host speaks up. “Zzzzz…zzzz….zzzz… huh? Is it finally over?”

Black Mage Jr. yawns before responding. “Yeah, I think it is.”

“Finally! All right, let’s move on to the challenge before our time slot runs out…

I decided I’d divide this chapter in to two sections. Coming up… The Final Four II!

Note: YOU CANNOT VOTED SOMEONE OFF... The part II might come if you guys COMMENT with a REPLY. If no more then 3 replies, no part 2 today.

Note #2: Also, for a little fun. You could add with your comment. Who do you think will win from the final 4?
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! - Page 2 Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Weldar on Fri Oct 19, 2007 12:48 am

Interesting chapter, when you look back at it alot of the characters who got cut were strange choices, who didn't really do anything wrong. As for who will win I'm really not sure, I'm thinking mario or Link but you never know
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! - Page 2 Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Saint Jimmy on Fri Oct 19, 2007 9:42 am

i want link to win. i dont have any clue who ness is and mario and luigi annoy me because i have trouble understanding them. great story so far
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! - Page 2 Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Quill9 on Fri Oct 19, 2007 10:17 am

Another Fantastic Chapter
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! - Page 2 Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Captain_Conker06 on Fri Oct 19, 2007 9:42 pm

Chapter 15: The Final Four II

Day 34: The woods.

Ron Host speaks up. “Alright then. Let’s…”

“Hey, where’d-a Black Mage Jr. go?” Asked Mario

“Huh? Oh, we’ll be alternating hosting these challenges, he’ll take care of the next one.” Ron Host explained. “Anyways, this is the tree climbing challenge from a while back. You don’t have to climb near as high this time however. Survivors Ready… GO!”

Everyone tackles the trees Mario climbs ahead with Link following close behind. And Ness is in… third place?

“Why aren’t you climbing Luigi?” Asked Ron Host.

“After last-a time’s vertigo? No way I’m-a climbing that again.” Luigi explained. Mario won this challenge.

“The standings are Mario one point, everyone else, zero.” Said Ron Host. “Now head to the beach.”

“Don’t we get a break?” Asked Link, whom tired himself trying to climb past Mario.

“NOW!” Ron Host shouted. Luigi was quick to leave. Everyone else shrugged and walked off.

“Alright then, now you’re supposed to do the slingshot challenge, difference being there are only two plates and there is no turn taking.” Explained Black Mage Jr. “Oh, and feel free to hit him if you have time.” And Bowser was tied to a post between all the cardboard cutouts.

“This is not cool.” Said Bowser.

“GO!” Shouted Black Mage Jr.

Ness decided to eliminate Link quickly since he was the best aim here. Link was eliminated quickly as a result, but not before hitting one of Luigi’s plates. Mario managed to hit one of Ness’s plates before Ness eliminated Mario. Luigi was too nervous to even load the slingshot properly so he didn’t last long after that.

“Ness wins!” Shouts Black Mage Jr. “That’s one point for Mario and Ness. Oh, Luigi.”

“Yes-a?” He responded.

“Please try harder to work on these challenges, or else.” Black Mage Jr. said.


“I know about that embarrassing little incident.” Black Mage Jr. said. “It might not stay a secret.”

“Noooooooo! I’ll-a work, I’ll-a work.” Pleaded Luigi.

“Alright then, go back to the woods.”

“Wait, I almost forgot!” Said Ness, he then loaded several slingshot pellets and pelted Bowser in the face. “Ugh. I think I swallowed one.” He said before turning blue.

The next challenge was back in the woods. Where Ron Host was waiting. “Alright then, now you need to do another tug-o-war challenge. Which hopefully won’t last that long.” Mario and Link went first and…

-3 hours later-

“Got any three’s?” Asked Ron Host.

“Go fish.” Said Ness.

“Drat!” He said.

Mario decided not to do the same trick and he continued to play fairly.

“Hang on. I have an idea.” Said Ron Host. “Spaghetti and meatballs!” Ron Host shouted loudly.

“Huh? Whe-whoa!” Mario became distracted and was pulled in to the mud pit.

“Alright then.” Said Ron Host. Now Luigi and Ness were going next, Luigi won, then lost. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

“Okay then, Luigi is the only one without a point. You stink.”

Luigi then begins to cry.

Back at the beach,

“Now then, you going to do that challenge were you beat each other with the staves. The platforms are a little smaller now however.” Explained Black Mage Jr. It started out with Mario and Link going all out against each other. Luigi panicked and lost his balance. Ness’ small physic on the other hand gave him an edge in balancing. Link lost his balance due to his taller height, and Ness came up behind Mario and knocked him off.

“Ness won a physical challenge?” Said a surprised Black Mage Jr. “Well it’s two points for Ness, one for everyone else except Luigi. You stink so badly Luigi.” Luigi begins to cry again.

Back in the woods, at the sandpit from the second challenge in the game. “This time it’s a four person melee.” Explained Ron Host.

Everyone jumps in and Ness gets sent flying by an attack from Luigi. Mario and Link go at it once again. Luigi begins to show his girth by attacking Link and help Mario eliminate him. Mario then attacked his brother Luigi cowered and Mario tripped and landed outside the pit.

“Luigi won the challenge? Well uh… Well, Ness has a one point lead on everyone else.” Said Ron Host.

Luigi is actually smiling this time.

Back at the beach. “Jump off this rock, in to the ocean and swim to that rock at sea and then swim back to the beach.” Explained Black Mage Jr. Mario and Link seemed to be going even for the longest time. Finally Link pulled ahead. “Hey, where’s Luigi and Ness?” Asked Black Mage Jr. Then he looks up and sees Luigi shaking his head no to Ness violently.

“Come on. You’ve jumped from a waterfall taller than this before.” Said Ness.

“Yeah, but-a there weren’t-a any waves below-a.” Said Luigi meekly.

“Great, well, there is still one more challenge left with Ron Host.” He said.

Back at the woods. “Alright, this is just a simple foot race, so just get going.” Ron Host said quite bluntly. Mario was the fastest one among them, Link might have been a threat, Luigi and Ness were just plain sad…

“Ow! My-a toe!” Luigi shouted before crying. Mario won that challenge meaning.

“Okay, I guess it’s time for the tie-breaker challenge.” Said Ron Host. “Darn, I was hoping to get more camera time than Black Mage Jr.” He whined.

They met at the clan council area. Black Mage Jr. spoke up. “Alright, we decided to take a change of pace and do a mental challenge.”

“Uh-oh.” Said Link. Ness was just grinning broadly.

“You have to solve all three of these ring puzzles…” Three puffs of smoke appear above Link, Mario, and Ness’ heads, and from each puff of smoke, three puzzle rings feel on top of the character’s heads. “…Before everyone else to win immunity.”

Link couldn’t even figure out the first one, Mario was halfway done with his second one when Ness finished his puzzle rings.

“And for once! Ness is our winner!” Shouted Black Mage Jr. He handed Ness the immunity talisman. “I’ll see all of you tonight at Clan Council.” They all headed back to camp.

Link, to the camera, “Darn! I didn’t manage to win immunity. Oh well, neither did Mario, and physically, he’s still my biggest threat.”

Ness, to the camera, “Oh yes! I won! But who will leave next?”

Luigi, to the camera, “After-a today’s display. There is-a no way I’m-a staying after tonight-a.”

Mario, to the camera, “Tonight, it could-a be any one of-a us.”

Night 34: Clan Council

The final four walk in and have a seat, so does the jury. And then Ron Host and Black Mage Jr. enter shoving each other.

“Well-oof- Suvivors. How do-ow-you feel tonight?” Asked Ron Host.

“Well…” Mario began.

“Do-ack-any of you feel real-ow-ly vulnerable tonight?” Asked Black Mage Jr.

“I think…” Luigi began before Ron Host and Black Mage Jr. finally have a fistfight.

-1 hour later-

“Okay then…” Ron Host began.

“Time to vote.” Said Black Mage Jr.

After this, lightning strikes the platform and I appear from it. Naturally, Luigi cowers in fear of my presence.

“I think I’ll be the reader once the votes are casted. Any questions?" I said.

Everyone shakes there head “no.”


Sorry for the rushed chapter, but I had no idea what challenges to do. SO yeah, you can expect something better in the next chapter.

People who can be voted off: Mario, Link, Luigi.

Note: Ness CANNOT be voted off since he won the immunity challenge.
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! - Page 2 Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Weldar on Sat Oct 20, 2007 6:47 am

Nice, almost the finals now the votes are getting tight
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! - Page 2 Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Captain_Conker06 on Sat Oct 20, 2007 6:56 am

Chapter 16: The top three at last.

Night 34: Clan Council

For no apparent reason, everyone is taking a long time to vote. Which suits Ron Host and Black Mage Jr. just fine, since this gives them more time to play a pointless game of rock-paper-scissors to prove whom the better host is.

“Quit choosing paper!” Demanded Ron Host.

“Every time I do, you end up choosing the same thing as me!” Argued Black Mage Jr.

“Ah, finally, the votes are in!” I say, but apparently Ron Host and Black Mage Jr. are ignoring this to proceed to what has become a fistfight.

“So what-a are-a they?” Asked Luigi.

“You dare hasten me?” I ask with a booming voice.

“No…” Luigi said meekly.

“Anyways... jury!" the jury stand up. Saint Jimmy and Weldar are back on earth as they tell there vote...

"We decided to vote off Mario, Luigi needs to do stuff on his own for once and not to worry about himself losing to his superior brother" said both Zorvi2 and Twilight Marci.

"Me and Weldar decided to vote off Luigi, since he is too scared of the wild to stay longer here."

Everyone stops and stares, including Ron Host and Black Mage Jr.

“A two way tie between Mario and Luigi? Alright then, it’s time to resort to the most illogical method I have of choosing who’s going.” But before I begin…

“I concede.” Said……………(sorry, have to cry like a baby real fast.)… ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Mario!

“What?” This baffles everyone.

“But why?” I whine. “You’re currently the best contestant so far.” Link rolls his eyes at this.

“I don’t-a really have a reason.” He says. “But, if I had to-a chose between me and-a someone else. I would rather let-a them go on then have-a it end for them.”

“Alright then. The tribe has spoken” I say snuffing out Mario's torch, “but, since you are my favorite character in this game, I’m going to give you a consolation prize.” A giant box appears out of nowhere and inside it is…

“Mama-mia. A personalized car!” Said Mario.

“Yep. And it is incredibly fuel efficient.” I add. “Oh yeah, we’ll have it airlifted back to Smash Mansion for you.”

Before Mario takes the walk of shame. The other survivors congratulate him on coming this far. “Don’t-a give up Luigi.” Mario said to his sobbing brother. Mario then takes the walk of shame.

“Alright, back to camp everyone.” I say before running off to cry some more. The last three survivors head back to camp.

Mario’s final words: “I can’t-a say I had any regrets during my time-a out here. Looking back at-a the time I had here, I can-a honestly say that I’ll-a want to-a remember every minute-a I spent here for the rest of-a my life.”

Day 35: Nintendo

Link, to the camera, “The author acted like he was surprised when Mario was voted for twice. But if he’s controlling every aspect of this story, then wouldn’t he know who’s going or not? Or is it just that Mario was his favorite? Or maybe this story isn’t as controlled as we… arrrrgghh. Forget it.”

Luigi, to the camera, “I will-a be strong for-a Mario. I know I can-a do it. AAAAAHHHH! What was-a that? Oh, a stick.”

Ness, to the camera, “The last immunity challenge of the game is coming up. Considering how late in the game it is, they’ll probably come up with something that’s fair for everyone here. Man, I wanted the advantage.”

The trio is waiting around the campfire. “So, what-a do we do for-a now?” asked Luigi.

“uuuuuuummmmm. I don’t know.” Responded Ness.

“Hey, is that who I think it is over there?” Asked Link. The other two turn around to see…

“Gwa ha ha ha ha! It’s me! The greatest koopa of all time!” Shouted Bowser much to the displeasure of the other survivors.

“Get ready!” Shouts Ness, getting his yo-yo ready to beat Bowser with. Link got his sword and Luigi…

“Hey, get back here!” Link said to Luigi, who was attempting to sneak away.

“Wait one minute!” Bowser shouts frantically. He then pulls out a roll of paper and opens it up. “See this, you can’t touch me.” Bowser says in a snobbish way.

Ness proceeds to read the contract. “The remaining contestants are not to hit Bowser with any object, including yourself. Bowser is simply here to guide you through the various events that happened throughout the game. Don’t worry, if he attempts attacks you, a horrible fate will befall Bowser.”

“Huh? Guide us through events?” Asks Luigi.

“Yep. It’s part of your upcoming immunity challenge. I’m just supposed to help you remember everything that happened in this game.” Explained Bowser.

“And you volunteered to do this?” Asked Ness skeptically.

“Of course I did.”

“Yeah right.” Said Link.

“Hey, I volunteered quite willingly!” After Bowser say this, Link gets behind Bowser and grabs his tail to pull, while Ness grabs his cheeks and begins to pull. “Hey! You cahn’t doe dis toe mwe!” Shouts Bowser as best as he can without using his lips.

“The contract said we couldn’t beat you.” Said Ness, “It didn’t say we couldn’t do this.”

“Awright, awright!” Shouts Bowser. They let go.

“So-a why are you-a doing this?” Asks Luigi.

“They offered me the prize money.” Said Bowser.

“WHAT!” Everyone shouts.

“That’s not fair.” Complained Link. “Captain Conker makes us go through all of this, and he’s just going to give it to you?”

“Aw quit your complaining and come on.” Says Bowser.

(Go ahead and picture these images in your mind.)

Various slow-motion clips begin to play. Clips including moments like when Kirby ate all of Utaku’s food. And the various moments Fox and C. Falcon’s fistfights (Plus their humiliating defeat at the hands of Bowser.) Also, clips of Pikachu doing the rain dance are shown. And moments of when Bowser got struck in the head by various objects, and when he got blasted by Final Fantasy spells. We also see clips of Luigi running from a pack of wild boars, and him being dragged across the water by a giant fish. We see clips of Peach falling in to the water in the pole challenge. We see so many clips of the numerous immunity challenges. Basically, we see slow-motion clips of almost everything that happened in the game. And we even see a clip of… Bowser showering? Quick, stop picturing that image!

“AAAGGH! MY EYES!” Shout the remaining contestants. And the clips stop playing.

“Those were some good times.” Said Link.

“Yep.” Agreed Luigi.

“Well, now that I’m done showing you these clips, it’s time for me to destroy you!” Says Bowser quite evilly.

“Huh? Doesn’t that violate your contract?” Asked Ness.

“Yeah, but the author forgets one thing. I’m evil.” But before Bowser can attack them, a convenient piece of writing makes a hole appear underneath Bowser and he falls in to a pit where… “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!”

“I love you. You love me. We’re a happy family!” Came the song of Barney the dinosaur.

“You know-a what?” Said Luigi.

“What?” Asked Link.

“I don’t-a think we appreciate Captain Conker enough.” Said Luigi.

And so, they spend the rest of the day eating food and doing random stuff. Until…

Night 35: Clan Council/immunity challenge.

The Survivors file in and so does the jury. Pretty soon, Ron Host walks in and to everyone’s surprise; Black Mage Jr. is not there. “In case you’re wondering where that conniving little midget is…”

“Okay, we wouldn’t describe him like that, but yeah, where is he?” Asked Ness.

“He’s here, unfortunately. He’s just not hosting.” Explained Ron Host. “The immunity challenge tonight works like this. You’re going to be asked questions about the game, and you should be prepared since you were just shown video clips about the game. The first one to buzz on these buzzers gets to answer the question, and….”

BUZZ “Huh?” Ron Host notices Link is looking at this strange device he hasn’t seen before. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ. “Ah-hem!”

“Sorry.” Said Link.

“Anyways, the first one to reach 5 points wins. Oh yeah, one more thing. You’ll be asked the questions by… these guys!”

Suddenly a spotlight shines on some curtain that the survivors hadn’t noticed before.

“First is the number one reviewer, and the one I hate the most, Black Mage Jr.!” Say Ron Host. Black Mage Jr. comes running in waving to no one in particular.

“Second, the second best reviewer of this story, Ermine!” Some guy dressed up in a costume that looks like a whiteweasel runs in doing the same thing as Black Mage Jr.

“Next, rockinsurvivor28!” Some guy wearing an unofficial Survivor: SSBM Outback T-shirt runs in.

“And finally Princess Link Potter.” And some person I can’t describe runs in.

Suddenly, I appear and… “Ron Host, I expect you to be courteous to my reviewers, especially Black Mage Jr. And just so you know, he is being nice enough to include you in his story.” (You should check it out; it’s titled “The First Annual SSBM Tournament.”)

“Oh fine, I’m sorry BMJ.” Said Ron Host.

“Eh, no hard feelings.” BMJ respond.

“Can we-a begin now?” Asked Luigi.

“Fine, BMJ, you ask the first question.” Said Ron Host.

BMJ asks, “Who was the first character to be voted off from the show?”

BUZZ “Kirby.” Said Link.

“Correct! Now, Ermine.” Said Ron Host.

Ermine asked, “Who was the most picked on character throughout this story?”

BUZZ “Bowser.” Said Luigi.

“Correct! Rs28!” Said Ron Host.

Rockinsurvivor28 asked, “What was your third immunity challenge?”

BUZZ “The waterfall diving challenge.” Said Ness.


This goes on for a while. The score is now tied at 4 points for everyone. “Seems Princess Link Potter is the last one to ask a question.” Said Ron Host.

“Yes! Last question, What is Mario’s last name?”

“What does that have to do with the game?” Asked Link.

BUZZ “Mario.” Answered Luigi.

“Correct!” Said Ron Host. Ron Host hands Luigi the immunity talisman.

“Well, since we’re all here. We’re just going to go straight to the voting. So, is it going to be Ness, or Link?”


Note: I did make the chapter the same day, but hey. That's because I got a Super Smash Bros. Brawl demo to intend to.

People who can be voted off: Link or Ness.

Also, Luigi cannot be voted off. Since he won... again... for the third time... immunity.
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! - Page 2 Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Weldar on Sat Oct 20, 2007 7:31 am

Luigi's gonna be in the finals lol!
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Post  Saint Jimmy on Sat Oct 20, 2007 1:27 pm

gah after all my anti Italian efforts
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! - Page 2 Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Captain_Conker06 on Sun Oct 21, 2007 5:55 am

Chapter 17: The last day

Night 35: Clan Council

Ron Host is holding the voting jar in his hands. “Well, Link, Ness.”

“Yes?” They both said at the same time.

“Do any of you have anything to say since one of you is going?” Asked Ron Host.

“If you were going to ask us that question why didn’t you ask it earlier?” Asked Ness.

“Well, there’s a complicated and intricate method as to how you work this stuff in to fanfics you know.” Ron Host said, obviously making this up.

“Well, I just want to say that even if any of us were friends out here, they still have to vote them off now since we’re all that’s left.” Said Link.

“And that’s why we, the powers that be, are pure evil.” Ron Host begins to laugh manically. “Edit that out later… anyway, the votes are in… Weldar, your vote please!" "Thanks Ron, my vote goes to Link", Saint Jimmy got up "My vote goes to Ness", Zorvi2 the last jury to vote... "I vote for... There is a long pause for dramatic effect. It is so long in fact, that the jury begins to play go fish with each other and the four fans that are still there begin to argue about who is going. “NESS!” Zorvi2 shouts so loudly that everyone jumps at this and Luigi falls over in his seat.

“Aw man.”

“The tribe has spoken.” Ron Host said as he snuffed out Ness’ torch. “As a consolation prize for making it this far though, you get this!” A bat made of metal lands in front of Ness.

“What am I supposed to use this for?” He asked.

“For this!” Ron Host said as Bowser climbed out of that hole I dropped him in the last chapter.

“Oh, that song was so terrible.” Said Bower, clearly traumatized.

“Hey, that’s my kind of consolation prize.” Ness said before beating Bowser senselessly with that metal bat.

“Ow, ow, ow! Pain!” Every yelp of pain seems to generate more applause from everyone there. When Ness is finally done, he takes the walk of shame quite satisfied.

“Back to camp you two.” Said Ron Host.

Ness’ final words: “Well, I can’t say I’m disappointed, I’m sure nobody expected me to make it to the top three. So I’m proud of myself. As soon as I get back, I’m going to eat enough to get my mind reading abilities back. Oh yeah! Can’t wait to read Luigi’s mind again.”

Day 36: Nintendo

Link, to the camera, “Well today was our last day at this camp, so we spent the whole day burning the beds we made, the fishing poles we made, and just about everything else.”

Luigi starts up a conversation. “I-a remember sharing-a so may stories-a around a fire.”

Link responds. “I remember Ness telling us about that embarrassing incident he read from your mind one time.”

“We never talked about-a that around the-a fire.” Said Luigi.

“Oops, that’s right. Ness told us that story when you weren’t around.”

“Oh well, at least-a no one else-a knows.”

Back at Smash Mansion…

Everyone is roaring with laughter at Luigi’s embarrassing incident.

Back at the Outback…

Luigi, to the camera, “The day seemed to-a go by really quickly. But-a maybe that-a was because we-a spent most of-a the day thinking-a back to previous days-a.” As soon as the sun went down, the last two survivors head off towards their last clan council.

Night 36: Clan Council

Luigi and Link walk in and Ron Host is waiting for them. “Let’s call in our jury one last time.” And for the last time, Chaotic Weldar, Zorv2, Twilight Marci, Quill9 and Saint Jimmy walk in and take their seats.

“Before the jury makes the final decision on who’s going to win one-million dollars, you two are going to have to make a convincing argument to that jury as for why you should have their vote. Luigi, you first.”

Luigi shakily makes his way up towards the jury. “You-a should vote for me-a since I-a won three immunity challenges-a alone. Its-a very impressive-a for someone like-a me with so many-a phobias-a. Also-a, I tried-a my best depsite my fears-a. Which-a is-a why I think you-a should vote for-a me."

Link stepped up towards the jury more confidently. “I think you should give me your vote because I was always strong and supportive to my team mates. And I may not have won an immunity challenge. But I’ve always been a strong contender.” With that, Link finished his speech.

“Normally we show clips of why they picked who they picked, but I’m not going to do that.” The survivors understand. The jury is somewhat miffed. “And you know what else?” The survivors and the jury are now spooked out at the wide grin on Ron Host’s face.

“I’m not even going to look at the votes right now. I’m taking the jar with me. Sealing it. And you won’t hear from me for several months.” Everyone is now really shocked at this. But before anyone can react, Ron Host hops on a helicopter and flies away. “So long suckers!”

“Well, that-a was odd.” Said Luigi.


Note: This is the final voting session for this season. This time, instead of voting who you want out. You will vote for the one you believe he deserves to win the prize money.

Link or Luigi. Who will win the money and fame? Stay tune...
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! - Page 2 Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Zorvi2 on Sun Oct 21, 2007 6:15 am

I'm really excited for the next chapter. It will reveal the long awaited winner. Which many of us, were excited to see it since the beginning.

Also, I hope season 2 will bring back the hype.
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Post  Captain_Conker06 on Sun Oct 21, 2007 5:48 pm

The moment that you will been waiting for...

Chapter 18: The winner is revealed!

About three months later, a huge set up is in front of Smash Mansion. We have bleachers for an audience (all of which are already full.) A few seats for our jury. Sixteen seats for all of our contestants. And three thrones, although two of them look more like cushions for gloves. Finally, Ron Host walks in along with our contestants, and our jury while the audience applauds wildly. Everyone takes a seat and in a puff of smoke…

“Hello everybody! I am the creator of all this madness! Your author… Captain Conker!”

The audience naturally goes out of control at this. And two more puffs of smoke. “And these are two characters who run this mansion… Master Hand and Crazy Hand!” The audience goes mad for Master Hand and…

“Hey! Where’s my applause! Whe he he he he he he!” Laughs Crazy Hand. The three of us take our seats on the thrones.

Ron Host continues. “Alright, now will our top two contestants please come forward.” A cleaner and better-fed Luigi and Link step forward. “I know that you two have been waiting a long time. Now you will find out in a few moments which one of you won. First, let’s watch those clips of each of our jury voting.” Someone blows the dust off of this canister of film and plays it.

A shot of Weldar can be seen as he’s writing down who he thinks should win. “Luigi, should be the winner. Simply because his reason was the best. I know how it feels to face on fears.”

“Oh yes-a.” Said Luigi.

The next clip was one of Zorvi2 voting. “I think Luigi should win. Well, his reason also touched me. Fears and winning is a big challenge.

The next clip was one of Chaotic voting. “Eh, Link gets my vote. Since he has been a strong contender all the way."

The next clip was one of Saint Jimmy voting, the subtitles below say, “I vote for Link to win. Simply because he deserves the prize money more then Luigi."

“Quill9 was seem on the screen: "Link gets my vote, he was strong all the way. Depsite not winning a challenge.

A clip with Twilight Marci: "My vote goes to.... Luigi. His fears possibly slowed him down. But going throught all those fears to win. That's a big challenge many people won't do themselfs."

A two way tie? The audience was wondering.

“Honestly people, that’s why we have six people in the jury Now, I will play a level 9 computer battle on Final Destination, no items. The winner wins.” Ron Host said.

3 hours later

“The winner is…” The audience is now sitting on the edge of their seats. “Yes, our sole survivor is…” The audience falls over collectively. “L…………………………………………………………………………………UIGI! Yes, our winner is Luigi!”

Luigi begins to cry happily as the audience applauds while trying to remember his name.

“Luigi, what are you going to do with this money?” Asked Ron Host.

“I’m-a going to spend-a some money on-a me, and the-a remaining half-a to pay for our-a high grocery bills.”

“HUH?” Everyone is confused.

“Hey, you wouldn’t-a believe how high-a our groceries get with Kirby and-a Yoshi.” Everyone nodded while Kirby and Yoshi smiled.

“Well, let’s hear from our contestants. Kirby.” Ron Host turned to Kirby. “How did it feel to be the first one voted off the show?”


“Yes, you were on the show. See?” Ron plays a video clip.

“Kirby, the tribe has spoken.” Ron Host said as he snuffed out Kirby’s torch. “Huh?” He notices Kirby is sleeping.

“Never mind, C. Falcon, how did it feel to be the first one out of Katari?” Asked Ron Host.

“It wasn’t fair, I didn’t do anything to you guys and decided that I would go?” C. Falcon is corrected when they play clips of the various arguments between Fox and C. Falcon and the difficulties both Fox and C. Falcon has caused the Clan. “Hey, that fox was worse.”

“Was not!” He shouted before they started fighting again before I come down and break it up by knocking them out.

“Okay, instead of questioning Bowser, we’re just going to play all of his highlights.” We play all of the clips of Bowser getting knocked in around by various objects of my design. At my request, we play each one again ten times.

“Oh come one, I’m not just a punching bag.” Complained Bowser. That’s when a bolt of lightning strikes Bowser.

“DK, would you care to…” Ron Host began but…

“Ooooo oo oo oo.”

“No I won’t give you any bananas.” Said a random salesman.

“Okay then, moving on… Yoshi, what did you do after you got sent back to this mansion?” Asked Ron Host.


“Eat, that figures.” Ron Host turned to the Ice Climbers. “Nana, you seemed quite happy when you left.”

“Duh! I didn’t like it when Popo was voted off.” Said Nana.

“I was pretty happy when Nana came back home.” Said Popo.

“Alright then. Do any of you have any more comments?” Asked Ron Host. Everyone is silent. “Well then, Let’s hear from our second place winner. Link?”

“Well, as you might have guessed. I really wanted to win, but hey, the one hundred thousand dollars for second place isn’t a bad sum. But the experience is well worth it.”

I finally speak up. “Let’s give these guys another round of applause!” The audience roars and the screen fades out.


Story has ended. Season 2 will made in a unknown time. Stay tune. And thanks to you all for your support and feedback during this season. Hope to see you next season!
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SSMB: Survivor Outback! - Page 2 Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Chaotic on Sun Oct 21, 2007 9:41 pm

NOOOOOO..... not Luigi!! Oh well, look forward to next season. You should have given the reason I didn't vote for Luigi.

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SSMB: Survivor Outback! - Page 2 Empty Re: SSMB: Survivor Outback!

Post  Weldar on Mon Oct 22, 2007 12:32 am

YOu g=finally used my suggested tie-break method Very Happy

I'm surprised by Luigi's bictory, at the start of the game I never would have seen myslef voting for Luigi in the final round but look how things turned out
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Post  Saint Jimmy on Mon Oct 22, 2007 5:53 am

gah nooooooooooooooo
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